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Lilac City Acupuncture Offers Affordable Acupuncture in a Group Setting

Aug 15, 2017 06:26PM

By Linda Sechrist

Shauna Douglass-Parkin, a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Lilac City Acupuncture, in Spokane, practices in a group setting where multiple people with overlapping appointments are treated in the same room. The affordable cost of $20 per treatment is a considerable savings for the clients, making multiple visits quite affordable. “The majority of acupuncture practices charge $60 to $100 or more per treatment. This is not very accessible for most people with average incomes. Also, acupuncture is most effective when it's done regularly, and in some cases, frequently,” says Douglass-Parkin.

When treating someone experiencing pain at a level of seven out of 10 or higher, she recommends they come at least three times a week or even daily, until they notice a reduction in their pain. At this point, the frequency of visits is gradually lowered, based on pain levels.

“Most people cannot afford treatment more than once a week at standard prices, but in my clinic, three treatments would be a total $60, which is often less than the cost of one treatment in a private clinic,” advises Douglass-Parkin, who first learned about this practice model of community acupuncture while she was in school.

Douglas-Parkin expresses her love for treating multiple people in the same room together. “There is something really special and comforting about many people sitting quietly together with the shared goal of healing. Clients like that treatments work and are affordable. They often comment on how comfortable the space is. Most people leave feeling extremely relaxed.”

“I feel blessed to do the work that I do. Acupuncture is an effective treatment option for so many conditions, among which are back and joint pain, as well as headaches. Other common conditions that I treat are stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, digestive complaints and insomnia. I not only love that acupuncture doesn't cause harmful side effects, I also feel even more blessed that I am able to offer it at a price most people can afford,” notes Douglass-Parkin, who does not accept insurance.

Lilac City Acupuncture accepts HSA cards. “My $20-per-treatment fee, plus $10 for the first visit, is less than most people would spend on a co-pay. Because there is no middle-man, there are no restrictions on what I'm able to treat. The majority of health insurance companies have very limited restrictions on acupuncture benefits, such as covering only a few types of pain, and often patients only get 12 visits per year. This is frequently much less than is needed for most chronic conditions,” says Douglas-Parkin.

Lilac City Acupuncture located at 2925 N. Monroe St., in Spokane. For appointments. call 509-535-4055 or schedule online at

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