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Quantum Spinal Mechanics

by Kim White

Quantum Spinal Mechanics, or QSM3, is a unique type of chiropractic care that looks nothing like the “bone out of place” model of chiropractic that many envision. QSM3 assesses the whole body from a balance and symmetry perspective, and then combines precise, gentle adjustments to rebalance it.

Common symptoms of body imbalances include head and neck pain, migraines, numbness in the hands, back pain and sciatica. Clients visiting a QSM3 chiropractor for the first time will likely encounter a complete medical history and exam; X-rays to observe spinal curves, degeneration and misalignment; precise measurements of the body’s posture, pelvis tilt, shoulders and head; and assessment of full-body misalignment due to injury, repetitive stress and sedentary activity.

A trained QSM3 chiropractor can evaluate these measurements and determine which area of the body is stressed and producing symptoms. Gentle, non-manipulative adjustments are then made to rebalance the body and take tension off the nervous system. Follow-up measurements are taken to ensure progress was made and the body is in balance. These measurements are continually tracked from visit to visit so that progress can be objectively shown.

As with any other type of chiropractic therapy, QSM3 care may not be the answer for all patients. However, for those with unresolved musculoskeletal pain that does not completely respond to rest, medication or therapy (including chiropractic care), QSM3 may be an alternative worth trying.

Dr. Kim White is an upper cervical and QSM3 chiropractor at Intelligent Balance Spinal Care, 2310 N. Molter Rd., Liberty Lake. For more information, call 509-924-4443 or visit or

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