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Balancing the Endocannabinoid System

Jan 03, 2018 10:53PM
By Shaun McHenry

Although many people have never heard of endocannabinoids, they are essential to the well-being and health of all vertebrates on the planet—including us. Endocannabinoids (ECS) are natural compounds we make every day, on demand, to keep our body's complex chemicals and processes in harmony. In fact, the latest studies are showing that ECS deficiencies in our bodies can lead to chemical imbalances responsible for numerous diseases and ailments including arthritis, diabetes and Crohn's disease, to name a few. Luckily, we are able to supplement our ECS with various phytocannabinoids. These natural chemical compounds, found mostly in cannabis and hemp, are chemically identical to the endocannabinoids that our bodies make on a daily basis. Out of all the endogenous endocannabinoids, 2-AG is the most versatile and, arguably, the most important. Integral in moderating our central nervous and immune systems, 2-AG works throughout the body and brain on receptor sites balancing the various processes and chemical excretions within. Think of 2-AG as a key and our receptor sites as a lock which only fits that key. Miraculously, science is confirming another key has been found to fit the 2-AG sites called cannabidiol or CBD. CBD, like 2-AG, works where it's needed in the body with little to no boundaries. Studies are showing it to be extremely beneficial in treating a wide range of age-related diseases and imbalances. Although more research is needed to find the true potential of cannabinoids as medicine, CBD is available today and should be considered as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical options.

Shaun McHenry is founder of The Source CBD located at 953 East 3rd Ave. in Spokane. For more information, call 800-CBD-7612 or visit

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