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Friends are the Spice of Life!

Mar 05, 2018 02:12PM
Quick! What are your top three favorite spices?

I asked a few of my good friends this question, and the answers were telling—in a very nonscientific way. Their chosen spices tended to describe them in ways I absolutely love. My bestie, Shannon, likes the sweeter spices including nutmeg, which makes sense because she is both sweet and nutty. In fact, her initial response to my question was: “Ginger, Baby and Posh.”

Curry is a combination of robust spices that has heart-strengthening super properties and perfectly describes Kristy, who was also my mom’s friend and hairdresser. Three friends; Erin, Stashia and Gretchen, mentioned turmeric as one of their faves, which happens to be one of the most powerful and beneficial spices out there, much like their effect on my life. Did you know cinnamon is an immune-booster packed with antioxidants that reduces free radical damage and slows the aging process? Jen, my friend since age 13, should know. She’s given me the gift of laughter, also an immune-booster, for 29 years and has barely aged in the process. Mary and Melissa, also cinnamon lovers, are my free radical friends popular all over the world. Sarah included ginger, a warm and slightly sweet spice that helps with digestion and nausea. She’s definitely helped me stomach the ups and downs of life. You get the point. Friends really are the spice of life, and we need their sweet, savory, spicy variety to keep it interesting.

This month’s issue is packed with variety, including features on the health benefits of spices and ethnic cuisine, local articles on ginger, spice and everything nice, the benefits of vitamin D and why you should try a barre class. Check out our news brief section highlighting all the amazing events coming up in March, including the North Idaho Wellness Fair and Northwest Pet Expo, featuring some of our amazing advertisers. Enjoy our local spotlight on the North Spokane Grocery Outlet, as well as our Pet Spotlight showcasing the super fun and quirky Yuppy Puppy stores. In addition, our Natural Pet section focuses on the signs of anxiety in dogs, and a sidebar on how CBD oil can help with pet anxiety and panic attacks. Phew. So much to read, I’ll let you get to it!

Keep calm and curry on,


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