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Chazael Pain Relief Lotion | Miracle In a Bottle | INW Awakenings

Jun 05, 2018 11:05AM

by Sheila Julson

When physical therapist Kevin Sgroi sought relief from painful side effects caused by aggressive chemotherapy treatments, he began experimenting with medicines and lotions that he used to treat his own patients. Sgroi’s alchemy led to Chazael Pain Relief Lotion. Chazael (pronounced khaz-aw-ale) is a biblical name meaning “God sees.” The lotion is made from all natural ingredients and is regularly used by Sgroi on his patients to help relieve muscle pain, spasms and leg cramps. Chazael also decreases pain and swelling from arthritis and joint inflammation.

Since creating Chazael, Sgroi has used it to help many with pain relief, including Pastor Tim Remington of Altar Church, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. In March 2016, Remington was shot multiple times while heading to his car after church service. Six of the 12 shots fired by the assailant—who fired from only 12 feet away—hit Remington in the back. Today, he still has three bullets lodged in him, and approximately one hundred pieces of shrapnel remain in his body.

It’s been a long road for Remington since that traumatic incident, but despite his doctor’s grim prognosis that Remington would never walk again, he was out of his wheelchair and back to preaching within three months after the crime occurred. He’s even relearning to play the piano. He cites Sgroi’s compassion and skill as a physical therapist, as well as Chazael Pain Relief Lotion, as key to his recovery. “After working with Kevin for about six months, my hand was still swollen up like a balloon,” says Remington. “But I started applying Chazael, and within five minutes my hand flattened out and returned to normal.”

Remington religiously uses Chazael Pain Relief Lotion daily. He asserts that the lotion, combined with Sgroi’s therapy, has created miracles in his own recovery. Chazael Pain Relief Lotion has also changed the lives of Remington’s wife and son, both of whom had suffered pain and numbness from accidents.

“Pain is caused by inflammation. If you can reduce the inflammation, there’s less pressure on the nerves. Chazael helps get that inflammation down,” explains Remington, who now regularly recommends Chazael Pain Relief Lotion to his parishioners after he witnessed the relief it brought to a pregnant woman with severe edema. “Her feet were huge and swollen, so I gave her husband a bottle of Chazael and told him to rub it on her feet. By the time that day’s service had ended, she walked out with normal-sized feet. I’ve watched people with arthritis, severe migraines and other issues use Chazael, and I’ve seen firsthand on countless occasions how it reduced the inflammation. I refer many people to Kevin, but I tell them ‘don’t believe anything I’m saying—buy a bottle and check it out for yourself.”

For more information, contact Joshua Tree Physical Therapy located at 8300 Wayne Dr., in Hayden, Idaho at 208-772-9774 or visit

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