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Collagen is not Just Skin Deep

Jun 05, 2018 10:37AM
by Jenny Wiglesworth

We’ve been hearing a lot about collagen and collagen peptides as of late. It seems that they’re everywhere—in our shakes, vitamins, protein bars—we even find them in our coffee. While most of us realize that collagen peptides are a way to get more protein into our diet, many are still wondering what it is and why this popular protein is on the rise. Collagen provides the body with 18 amino acids—eight of the nine essential amino acids—so they are a great source of protein. It is the most important structural protein in the body and helps strengthen our bones, joints, hair, nails and skin. Unfortunately, due to its complexity it can’t be effectively absorbed naturally through the body, through a supplement or other form. There lies the opportunity for collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides are composed of the same amino acids, with varying properties. These properties allow for them to be broken down easier and brought into the bloodstream for proper absorption. Once in the body, the peptides not only begin doing repairs, they help create energy. Another popular product, hydrolyzed protein, is as effective as collagen peptides. While the processing to create the proteins might differ, the way the body uses them is the same. The benefits of the peptides are astounding. Not only do they provide us with a source of valuable proteins, but they’re also an amazing way to revive the body. Imagine if you are an athlete struggling with joint issues from playing football or dancing throughout your entire career. With peptides, your body will begin to heal those joints, repairing them from the cellular level. Imagine cancer having taken over your body, depleting your hair, skin and bones, leaving you brittle. Peptides, although not miracle-workers, can help revive your body when back in remission and possibly even during cancer treatments.

The science behind peptides is amazing and consuming them can be life-changing. Whether you’re simply trying to hit your daily protein intake or desiring something that can provide softer skin, smoother hair and stronger bones, peptides will do it. The more research we do on this product, the more we discover how essential peptides are to our everyday life. Thankfully, a wide variety of our local grocery stores and coffee stands have the powder to place into your favorite drinks. As these products become more available, everyone will have access to the new way to heal the body from the inside-out.

Jenny Wiglesworth is the owner of BarreU located at 195 E Hazel Ave. in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. BarreU carries high nutrition collagen peptide Beauty Bars. Sweetened only with yacon syrup, the bars contain only 4 grams of sugar and 15 grams of protein. For more information, call 503-720-9451 or visit  

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