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Coaching Practice Focuses on Empowerment

Aug 06, 2018 01:12PM
Sam Karorero, owner of The Lotus holistic co-op in downtown Spokane, opens her coaching practice this month where she helps clients turn their hurtful experiences of the past into gifts of empowerment. “When we sign up to be human, we sign up to be hurt. It’s just part of the human journey; there is no escaping it. But, the wounds that we acquire throughout a human life lived with courage are actually the doorway to our greatest gifts and to our freedom and empowerment,” she affirms.

Living a cross-cultural life between the U.S. and Rwanda with her Rwandan husband, Karorero has seen and experienced the greatest depths of the human journey. Through her fearless exploration of her own humanity—the light and dark—she feels called to assist others in their journey.

Karorero believes that the greatest truths come from within and she assists in guiding clients to discover that truth. Along with metaphysical healing and reading clients intuitively, she also helps them identify old stories and patterns while assisting them in establishing a new story. This journey of discovery leads her clients toward the new reality they wish to experience. “The greatest gift I feel I can offer is to hold hands with the courageous spiritual trail blazers who are willing to dig into their wounds and change and along the way remind them that they are perfect, in all their imperfections.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, text or call 509-991-9201 or visit

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