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Helping Others Navigate the Road to Recovery

Aug 06, 2018 11:33AM
Yoga instructor, massage therapist and nurse, Michelle Phay, often finds herself describing what she does as not only self-care, but “as a passion to help people along on their road to recovery.” Once she explains that, most people she talks to wonder ‘recovery from what?’ “The question is a door opener for me,” affirms Phay. “My initial response goes something like this: ‘Recovery can be from anything; most of us simply need to recover from life.’ I usually get a head nod in agreement. Life today is pretty challenging as we navigate this Facebook sense of reality—not to mention keeping up with what we think is ‘real’ is our ‘reality’ television.”

But, says Phay, recovery goes so much deeper. “One can’t help but notice from our local news to a variety of periodicals that our nation, our city, is steeped in addiction. Reality television may be warping our minds no doubt, but we as a whole, are on an escape path using illicit substances, binge television watching, video gaming, along with a wide range of escape mechanisms. Our addiction is leaving a path of destruction never before seen in the history of the nation,” she explains. “These issues include, among many, the inability to know just what we are feeling physically as well as emotionally, leaving us unable to cope with the daily stressors of our lives.”

As a therapist, Phay finds that using therapeutic touch is a beneficial way to invite an individual to connect with their authentic body, soul and spirit. “The sensations of the body and the authentic feelings of the soul propel us to a place where recovery is possible utilizing modalities such as massage, yoga and meditation. As we become aware of the sensations physically, emotionally and spiritually, we are able to connect the feelings associated with our body and begin the process of creating a sense of well-being, leading to the potential to start the recovery process.”

Michelle Phay is the owner of Shalom Massage and Wellness at 1325 W. 1st Ave., Suite 202 in downtown Spokane. She specializes in massage and wellness for those in recovery from life, chemical dependency and physical challenges. For more information, call 509-290-7004 or visit

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