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Jolene Fisher Brings InBody 770 to the Inland Northwest

Jolene Fisher, health and weight management coach and owner of No Bad Days, is the first practitioner to bring the revolutionary InBody 770 to the Inland Northwest. “The InBody 770 delivers research-grade body composition analysis that goes well beyond the scale to measure fat percentage, muscle mass, segmental inflammation, water composition and phase angle, which is a marker of cellular health,” says Fisher. “It takes only 60 seconds, and provides a full-page analysis of the entire body, which is extremely detailed and can be tracked over time.”

The InBody 770 complements Fisher's approach to holistic health coaching, accountability and nutrition recommendations by providing evidence of a client’s progress and improvements over time. “I geek out over the data it provides me as a health coach,” laughs Fisher. “My diet and exercise recommendations can be exactly tailored to the numbers I’m seeing, eliminating guesswork and inaccurate algorithms, which is extremely beneficial for clients.”

Fisher offers referral partnerships with gyms and health practitioners and is looking to expand her network. “I am passionate about helping individual clients feel and look better, as well as those who are under the care of a doctor,” she affirms. “InBody is ideal for health care practitioners who want clear and concise data on whether their patients are making progress with prescribed treatment plans over time.”

Fisher has a special introductory offer of three InBody sessions for $99. She also offers InBody pop-ups throughout the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area and works closely with businesses that want to provide an InBody reading to their clients at a reduced cost.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jolene Fisher at 509-879-7728 or visit

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