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Joshua Tree Physical Therapy Keeps Patients On the Move

Aug 30, 2018 10:08AM
by Sheila Julson

Kevin Sgroi, a physical therapist and founder of Joshua Tree Physical Therapy and Chazael Lotion, in Hayden, Idaho, believes that attention to detail and personable, individualized service is behind his success in keeping patients active. Owning a physical therapy practice that is independent from a large hospital or healthcare group allows him to spend time with each individual and go that extra mile to help them achieve wellness.

A native of Jersey City, New Jersey, Sgroi has worked as a physical therapist for 23 years. He opened Joshua Tree in August 2003 where he specializes in outpatient orthopedic and post-surgical rehabilitation. Joshua Tree also offers rehabilitation for elderly patients, including balance and strength training. Offering more than just therapeutic exercises, Joshua Tree Physical Therapy also utilizes laser therapy, ultrasound, anodyne light treatment and a balance machine, and they have certified massage therapists on site. Sgroi’s treatment plans also include myofascial release—a technique that involves applying gentle pressure to the myofascial connective tissue to relieve restrictions, restore motion and ease pain.

Sgroi says that many orthopedic problems, particularly issues with joint pain and dysfunction, are because the muscles in the joint area have tightened. His approach begins with massage therapy to decrease muscle tension while increasing blood flow, so the muscles relax. “Once that’s done, I’ll start the work on the patient and look for trigger points that are very sensitive, and then I’ll release those points with acupressure or mild physical therapy. Manipulation on the joint becomes quite easy once everything is relaxed,” he says. The therapeutic process continues with retraining the muscles to correct imbalances, thus helping the joint to work properly. The patient then goes through strengthening programs orchestrated by Sgroi.

In addition to Sgroi’s physical therapy modalities, he also offers Chazael pain relief lotion, an all-natural, therapeutic cream that can relieve muscle pain, arthritis, tendonitis, back pain and more. In 2010, Sgroi was diagnosed with leukemia; an illness that he said resulted from drinking poisoned water for four years while he was in the United States Marines. “I received intravenous chemotherapy for 168 hours straight,” he recalls, “and once that was over, the devastating effects of chemotherapy began to surface. It attacked the right side of my body, damaged my nerves and ate away cartilage on the right side of my neck. My right arm was paralyzed for almost two years, and the neck pain excruciating.”

Sgroi started playing with essential oils and lotions in his office, and he experimented on himself. By using the concoction that would eventually become Chazael on his neck, along with prayer, Sgroi says he was eventually able to work again. “I started mixing and researching elements and using essential oils referenced in the Bible,” he says. “It took seven years and a tedious process to come up with right formula. The temperature had to be just right so the lotion wouldn’t separate or coagulate.”

Sgroi told his patients about the lotion’s success, and he asked them if they would be willing to try it. “They started using it and asked if I was selling it. The lotion wasn’t available for sale at the time, but they said, ‘you need to sell it.’ We now sell about 50 to 60 bottles per week; people love it, and what it does is amazing.”

As a guy who wanted to become a police officer prior to pursuing a career in physical therapy, Sgroi is happy with his choice of profession and finds his work gratifying. “The Lord has given me the keys for this establishment, and I can run it as I see fit,” he says. “I can spend that extra time with a patient, whereas if I worked for somebody else, that would not happen. We can go the extra mile without any restrictions placed on us, and we work in the best interest of each patient.”

Joshua Tree Physical Therapy and Chazael Lotion are located at 8300 Wayne Dr., Hayden, ID. For more information, call 208-772-9774 or visit or

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