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Abundant Living is an Inside Job

by Gary and Jane Simmons

Abundance is the natural state of the universe. When it is not showing up for us in the way we would like it to, the effort becomes making an internal shift in how we are viewing our life. The pathway to creating a life of abundance is not through acquiring more from outside of ourselves. It is not about doing more but rather, being more. Becoming the change that we seek from the inside out.

The difference between thriving and surviving is the capacity to make empowering, healthy choices with regard to the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the actions we take. Because thoughts give rise to words, and words to deeds, it is essential that we are mindful of how our attitudes and mental states affect the choices we make. When we feel confident and empowered, our choices become a treasure chest of possibilities awaiting realization. Choices made from a place of lack or fear narrow the field of possibilities and can create feelings of disconnection. Our choice to experience life from either of these viewing points is the key to creating abundant living.

We have the choice to take what appears to be insufficiency and use it to transform into more than enough. This translates to activating a deeper dimension within, that serves as the interface between the limited self and the Field of Infinite Potential. We cannot activate this infinite potential by reaching for something outside of ourselves but rather, by embodying the expression of who and what we have come here to actualize.

Is there a deficiency of love in your life? Begin to lavish love wastefully. An insufficiency of prosperous living? Start to give with a radical generosity. A shortage of kindness? Become the expression of kind actions everywhere you go. Become the greatest example of what seems to be lacking in your world, and you will begin to see it reflected back to you.

Realizing the oneness of interconnected life, stepping into the reality of living that truth as a spiritual being living in a physical world with focus, passion, courage and willingness to be the change, brings forth a connection to the true abundance in lifeā€”our ability to grow, evolve and transform into who we have come here to be, and create the life we envision.

Drs. Gary and Jane Simmons are ordained Unity ministers at Unity Spiritual Center, 2900 S. Bernard St., in Spokane. They are co-founders of the Q Effect and co-teach the Q Process internationally. For more information, visit or See Resource Guide listing.

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