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Do you ever forget stuff? You know, little things like your keys, wallet, a boiling pot or the most freak-out inducing, your phone? How about the bigger stuff? Like going to the airport before an overseas trip and realizing your passport is still at home! Have you ever forgotten to pick up your kid from school or fetch your partner from the airport? Oopsie! Forgetting or being forgotten is something we’ve all experienced to some degree in our lives and is pretty much an everyday part of the human condition. But what about the really big one—you know, the elephant in the room. What happens when we forget ourselves? When we’re so consumed by what’s happening outside ourselves that we forget who and what we have come here to be, do and experience? Some of us get so caught up in the world, we forget what lights us up and sets our soul on fire. Forgetting this, or being so distracted, busy or numbed that we pretend we can’t remember, can have devastating consequences and may even create a feeling that our lives are inconsequential or worse, pointless. I’ve personally had numerous episodes where I’ve asked, “Umm seriously, what the heck is the point of this life?” Typically, this happened right after a very painful or difficult time: A breakup, death of a loved one, lost friend, family difficulty or a hospital visit. Fortunately, it is during these times when forgetting who we are takes a backseat, and the opportunity for remembering attempts to break through—but only if we allow it.

I woke up yesterday with the word “forget” echoing in my brain. I had no idea why this word popped in, but decided to toy with it and came up with the following: Forget For-get For is a function word that indicates purpose or an intended goal Get means to receive or obtain Put them together and forget now means: for-you-to-receive.

I encourage anyone reading these words to consider who and what you have come here to be. What lights you up? What brings you joy? Have you remembered? Or has it become a habit to forget? Either way, it is now always available for-you-to-receive.

Which brings us to December and this for-you-to-receive, light-filled issue of Natural Awakenings INW. This month’s main feature highlights our global collective consciousness with insights from world-renowned spiritual leaders. You will also want to check out the article written by two local new-thought leaders, Drs. Gary and Jane Simmons, on creating abundance in our lives. Spoiler alert: it’s an inside job. Our news briefs cover everything from essential oils and medical marijuana support to amazing CBD creams and an organic salon re-opening! You will also want to consider attending the transformational workshop titled Trusting Your Heart: Relying on Your Intuition happening in January and led by the incredible James Barfoot and Michael Hoffman.

And finally, here’s another something just for-you-to-receive: “Never has there walked the face of the earth someone who thinks with your degree of insight. Who loves with your degree of care. Or who feels with your degree of hope. And never has there been such a need for someone with gifts like yours, because at this very moment there are people only you can reach and differences only you can make.” – Notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley

2019, here we come! Wheeeeeeee, Amber

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