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Knew Health Offers Cost-Sharing Alternative to Health Insurance

On November 1, Knew Health launched the first alternative to health insurance built on health coaching, functional medicine and medical cost sharing. Open enrollment is available through December 15 for a January 1 start date, however enrollment is available year round.

“Medical cost sharing is currently used by more than one million Christian Americans to take care of their medical safety net at a much lower cost than health insurance,” says James Maskell, founder of Knew Health and the Functional Forum. “Ours is the first non-denominational, open to any religion cost-sharing plan on the market. Our members free up wallet share to spend on the wellness services they value, and every member gets a health coach.”

Knew Health is founded on five principles: Culture, Community, Coaching, Care and Cost Sharing. Through promoting a culture of making healthy choices and providing education, a community of people and coaches will help and support members in implementing those healthy choices. Care will be provided to those who require it, and the costs of the system will be shared by all the members. The program utilizes an already healthy membership base and the use of health coaches to keep costs down.

“Open enrollment for government-backed health insurance is November 1 through December 15, but because this is not technically insurance, enrollment is available at any time,” states Maskell. “You must register by December 15th for a January first start date. Early indications point to savings of 30 to 80 percent over health insurance for members.”

Cost sharing is not a new concept, and since amended federal health care laws have recently allowed for private cost-sharing healthcare organizations, these programs have grown to the point where millions of Americans are now participating in the programs. For more information about Knew Health and becoming a founding member, visit

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