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The Benefits of Breast Thermal Imaging

by Karla Porter   

Breast thermal imaging is a risk assessment tool that has the ability to see the disease process years before a mass has had the opportunity to form. Below is an example of how we can use this safe screening tool to monitor our breast health. The image on the left is a high-risk thermal image with excessive estrogen designated by the vascularity (branching yellow and orange lines going deep into the breast tissue). The image on the right was taken almost two years later. It shows cool colored breast tissue with very little branching of vessels.

Left: High-risk thermal image; Right: Two years later after lifestyle changes

Ideally, our breast tissue will be in the cool color spectrum like purples, blues and greens. Thermal imaging is a great way to monitor your current and future risk for breast disease. It is recommended to start at age 20 for a baseline, then as needed or starting annually at age 30. There is no radiation, no compression, and nothing touches the person being screened.

Breast thermal imaging is not affected by any previous surgical procedures or dense breast tissue, giving us an additional tool to look at our breast health, ideally helping to prevent breast cancer, not just detect it. Thermal imaging is FDA approved as an adjunct screening tool that compliments mammography, ultrasound and MRI. It does not replace these diagnostic technologies but provides information that can help us to prevent breast cancer. With lifestyle changes under the guidance of a medical practitioner we can often turn the disease process around.

Before and After

Insight Thermal Imaging is the only recognized imaging center in the Spokane area that offers this risk assessment technology. It is imperative to find a location that offers images in both color and gray-scale. The gray-scale images above show the “before” image on the left with multiple branching vessels deep into the breast tissue. The image on the right shows improvement after therapeutic changes with significantly decreased vessel branching (vascularity).

Karla Porter is a radiological technologist certified in radiology and computed tomography. She owns and operates Insight Thermal Imaging, 316 W. Boone Ave., Ste. 777, in Spokane and co-founded the Beyond Pink Charity. For appointments, call 509-315-4154. For more information, visit

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