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No Bad Days with Spokane Health Coach

by Sheila Julson

Health coach Jolene Fisher is passionate about empowering people to become their best selves. Not only does she offer support, encouragement and accountability to her clients through her wellness business, No Bad Days Health and Weight Management, she also personally practices what she preaches. Two years ago, Fisher, her husband, Adam, and her daughters Sydney and Ally welcomed a new family member, Rodrick, now age 19, into their lives.

“We’re living The Blind Side story,” enthuses Fisher, referring to the 2009 sports drama film starring Sandra Bullock, in which her character adopted a high school football star from an impoverished family. “My husband was Rodrick’s head football coach, and he fell under a hardship and didn’t have a place to go or anyone to stay with. We invited him to live with us, and within a week, he was calling us Mom and Dad.”

Through Fisher’s health coaching, Rodrick is in top physical shape and now plays freshman football at Washington State University. Fisher herself has a long history in collegiate athletics; she attended Eastern Washington University (EWU) and earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and athletic training. She became an athletic trainer at EWU and, as a graduate assistant, pursued her master’s degree in sports management. After she completed graduate school, she stayed on at EWU as an assistant professor in athletic training. She also taught at Whitworth University for 10 years.

Fisher says her background in athletics gives her an advantage to develop effective yet safe exercise plans for her clients. She’s also certified in integrative nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a long-time representative for Isagenix, a wellness company that offers healthy, detoxifying meal replacements, protein powders, shakes, bars and multi-vitamins, she incorporates those products, when appropriate, into her coaching services for clients that want to decrease their visceral fat—fat stored around the abdominal area—and retain lean body mass. She also creates whole foods meal plans.

When Fisher launched No Bad Days Health and Weight Management in 2014, naming her new venture came easily. “We regularly vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and the term ‘No Bad Days’ was coined there as a vacation slogan,” she says. “I thought it was an ideal name for my business, because it’s all about your perspective. I believe no day is a bad day. Every day is a gift that we can use to better ourselves and learn from it.”

New to Fisher’s repertoire is the cutting-edge InBody 770 scale, which pinpoints fat, muscle mass, water and even detects inflammation segmentally. She says she’s the only health professional in the Spokane area with InBody’s newest 770-research grade model, used in research hospitals and by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

When using InBody 770, clients step barefoot on the scale, which has electrodes on the bottom. Clients also hold electrodes in their hands. People can wear any type of clothing. During the 60-second process, InBody 770 sends 60 different electrical signals through the body and analyzes body fat, muscle and lean tissue. The machine also analyzes segmentally, determining the amount of fat or muscle mass in the right arm and left arm, right leg and left leg, and upper body and lower body.

InBody 770 also measures inflammation markers segmentally and determines if extracellular water is higher than it should be. The machine is connected to the internet, so Fisher can upload a client’s data to an online software system and send results remotely or print them out right on the spot. The device also keeps track of older numbers for comparison.

Fisher provides InBody pop-ups at small, locally owned gyms and shops. She hopes to build more referral partners with chiropractors, natural practitioners and others that see the value of getting their patients on the InBody scale.“It’s a great, non-invasive way to provide an integral look into the body,” Fisher says. “A scale alone might tell you that you’ve lost five pounds, but it makes a difference knowing if that five pounds was water weight or fat.”

Fisher strives to help people make every day a good day. “I talk to people about self-care and priorities—I’m a life coach as much as a health coach—and being immersed in the health care profession all day long also helps keep me accountable to myself,” she says.

No Bad Days Health and Weight Management is located at 15312 E. Sprague Ave., Ste. C, Spokane Valley. For more information, call 509-879-7728 or visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.

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