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Higgins Clinic NW

Natural Approaches to Change Lives

by Sheila Julson

Dr. Bill Higgins has been practicing chiropractic for two decades, using safe and effective techniques to allow the body to heal naturally. He noticed remarkable outcomes when, 10 years ago, he began treating patients’ pain with injectable nutrition therapy, prolotherapy, dry needling and trigger point therapy. Through neural therapy, a technique similar to acupuncture, he is able to address often ignored chronic pain patterns caused by scar tissue that alters function of the nervous system across the skin. Dovetailing chiropractic and nutrition to help the body heal itself, Higgins soon added regenerative joint injection therapies that supply nutrients and oxygen to regenerate and heal joints.

Higgins uses different chiropractic techniques focused on the individual, such as myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, kinesiology and traditional chiropractic.

In addition, he uses customized intravenous nutritional therapy, prolotherapy, nutrition and essential oils for best results. Because inflammation underlies pain, Higgins understands that tamping down the flame caused by trauma and an inflammatory diet is crucial to improving wellness and function.

“The most popular intravenous therapy we use is high-dose vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals,” Higgins says. “Human beings and guinea pigs are the only mammals that don’t produce vitamin C themselves. Even though we think we might be getting a good dose of vitamin C through a healthy diet, if we’re not absorbing it correctly, it can lead to different problems in the body. Vitamin C is an ultra antioxidant and electron donor, and it heals human tissue like nothing else. Intravenous vitamin C has shown promise treating Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases.”

Administering vitamin C intravenously bypasses the digestive tract and introduces vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream, which can have a powerful effect on healing. Higgins says everyone can benefit from intravenous therapy, but patients with chronic disease, digestive problems or food intolerances cannot synthesize vitamins and minerals into their own bodies, so they are ideal candidates for intravenous therapy.

Nutrients can be injected intravenously, intramuscularly or even transdermal, across the surface of the skin. An initial consult and lab work can determine a patient’s specific nutritional needs. Higgins has seen very good results using intravenous therapy for acute problems like colds, flu and respiratory infections.

Higgins also specializes in prolotherapy, which is a non-surgical injection technique that helps to heal ligaments and cartilage. The injections provide oxygen and nutrients to the joints, creating a healing environment. “People can expect a gradual perceptible improvement over time,” Higgins says. “Healing is not something that happens immediately. It’s a process that takes time. With most painful areas, we’re looking at four to five treatments to achieve maximum improvement.”

Higgins Clinic NW also uses therapeutic essential oils in their treatment plans to help facilitate good physiology in the body. Essential oils contain concentrated amounts of plant materials that interact with and have a positive effect on the body’s physiology and biochemistry, along with very strong antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. Higgins Clinic NW offers essential oils classes in the office and throughout the Coeur d’Alene area.

Rounding out the comprehensive functional therapies is nutrition counseling, which Higgins says is the base for good health. “There is a foundation of supplemental nutrition that everyone should be using. Vitamin D, a quality multivitamin/mineral, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics are essential for everyone. Those are the key foundations to counteract the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is high in animal products, sugars, omega-6 fatty acids and inflammatory preservatives.”

Higgins Clinic NW strives to empower people to regain optimal health without unnecessary drugs and surgeries, and that means looking at people as individuals. “Even though a lot of people present with similar issues, we don’t use cookbook medicine,” Higgins emphasizes, “we’re going to use our strengths and techniques to offer personalized care and services that will positively impact their health, because what happens within these walls changes lives.”Higgins Clinic NW is located at 1250-B Northwood Center Ct., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. For more information call 208-765-1250 or visit

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