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Viveve: A Proven Women’s Sexual Health Treatment

Feb 01, 2019 11:34AM

Throughout a woman’s life, the vaginal walls can become loose from childbirth, hormonal shifts or menopause. Viveve, a nonsurgical vaginal tightening treatment offered at Inland Wellness & Vitality, can increases vascularity and lubrication, thus reducing laxity in the vaginal canal. The treatment also increases blood flow and regenerates vaginal tissue. Here’s what patients that have experienced Viveve had to say:

I am a 40-year old woman that has always enjoyed sex. I have been married for over 18 years and would generally say I have a good marriage. However, after the birth of my two children, I did have some diminished sensitivity in the spots that count. I went so see Dr. Deakins in March of 2018. I was a bit nervous about the procedure but hopeful the results would return me to ‘normal’ or ‘pre-baby’. I felt very comfortable during the Viveve procedure and felt confident I was in good hands.

After just three days, I had SO much more feeling. It was like the lights were turned back on. Wow—when they say you don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone, they are not kidding. It was good to be back! Over the next several months, both my partner and I had noticed a significant change. I now feel fuller and I remain that way throughout intercourse. I have increased sensation both internally and externally. I can honestly say I am better than before. Dr. Deakins and this procedure have exceeded my expectations. — B.V.

L.S. states: “Have you heard the saying ‘50 is the new 30?’ I didn't believe it until I walked into Inland Wellness & Vitality. Initially, my curiosity brought me in for a treatment called Viveve. I think I was still in research mode on my smartphone while walking into the office. But Dr. Deakins offered a free consultation, and I jumped at the opportunity. What doctor does that these days?

Full of skepticism, I listened about how a 30-minute non-surgical treatment could fix my vaginal dryness and how I would no longer experience incontinence while laughing, as well as tightening the inner vaginal lining. I tried it and it worked! I'm doing a happy dance without peeing every time I laugh, sneeze or jump!

I wanted to know more about the other services they offered, and Dr. Deakins told me about the benefits of bio-identical hormone optimization. I had trouble sleeping, and my metabolism had slowed. I decided to move forward with hormone optimization, and I feel great! The best part is my husband and I both share in this together! He went in for his consultation, and now he is in the middle of his GAINSWave treatments that have made our sex life amazing. All I can say is ‘no more blue pill!’”Location: Inland Wellness & Vitality, 316 W. Boone Ave. Ste. 350, Rock Pointe Tower,
Spokane. For more information about Viveve and other sexual health services, contact 509-474-0145 or visit

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