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Waste Loss is Weight Loss at Healthy You Wellness Center

Feb 01, 2019 10:50AM

Healthy You Wellness Center in Spokane is dedicated to offering a truly holistic approach to wellness, detox and weight loss for clients on their journeys to better health. In addition to their many therapies, including reflexology, BEMER, infrared sauna, and nutritional coaching, Healthy You offers lifestyle coaching and ongoing support. “We know that it takes a village to care for those dedicated to changing their health which is why we pool all of our resources to support each client’s wellness journey,” affirms Annie Patrick, owner and I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist, who is especially excited about the Center’s colon hydrotherapy offerings, which she believes is instrumental in any health and wellness program.

The wellness center ensures the best possible colon hydrotherapy experience. “In addition to a thorough cleanse with our state-of-the-art equipment, each client receives foot reflexology throughout the session as massaging the colon meridians on the feet offers optimal release. I’ll also offer guidance on how to maintain bowel regularity between sessions,” says this experienced practitioner who shares that all of the therapies at Healthy You are designed to help the body release toxins. “Our therapies focus on clearing the detox pathways allowing the body to safely excrete toxins and burn fat. You are what you eat, but even more than that, you are what you don't excrete. If your focus is on weight loss, detox, or perpetuating wellness, then Healthy You is the place to be.”Healthy YOU Wellness Center is located at 731 W. Indiana Ave., in Spokane. To schedule an appointment, call 509-724-2391 or visit

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