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Vegan Sanctuary Offers Safe Home for Exploited Animals

Located in northwest Spokane County, Terra Farm Sanctuary is a small, niche, vegan sanctuary providing a safe home for animals who have been abandoned, abused or exploited, to peacefully live out their lives.  The founders value compassion and peace, and endeavor to create a community based on the ideals of veganism as a justice movement, with the abstention from commoditization, objectification and violence toward all beings.

“We believe that providing a haven for those who have experienced trauma and pain, in an environment void of animal products is powerful and healing," affirms Rhonda-T Warren, sanctuary founder and director. “We’re vegans and we strive to live our lives causing the least harm to non-human animals. We want vegans and those interested in learning more about ethical veganism to know we are here.”

The non-profit farm relies solely on the generosity of volunteers and donors and has opportunities for everyone. “Terra Farm Sanctuary is a safe place to come and volunteer and connect with the sanctuary’s peaceful environment; talking with goats, and our other non-human family members, can be therapeutic," says Warren.  “In addition, financial gifts help mitigate the increasing cost of feed and medical expenses and are greatly appreciated.”

Besides operating the sanctuary, Warren enjoys being a resource to those seeking information on veganism. “I provide support for individuals in their transition to ethical veganism and can offer insight into plant-based alternatives to clothing, everyday beauty and household products, and other traditionally animal containing items,” says Warren. She goes on to explain that “veganizing” traditional family recipes is one of her specialties. “Plant-based options are prevalent today if we know where to look, and it just makes sense to move to a lifestyle where justice, peace and sustainability are normal and natural.”For more information on scheduling a visit, volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation, visit, or call 509-368-0670.

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