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Return to Wholeness with Soul Retrieval

Mar 01, 2019 04:29PM

Nona Lowe, shamanic practitioner and owner of Life Spring Awakening in Spokane, offers a variety of therapeutic bodywork and intuitive healing practices including her specialty, soul retrieval, a deeply healing practice for those that have a true desire and commitment to let go of what is not working in their life.

“Soul retrieval is a shamanic ceremony using ancient methods to return a person’s fragmented self to wholeness,” explains Lowe. “Emotional or physical trauma can cause a portion of a person’s vital essence to break off and flee in order to protect itself. Soul loss occurs when these fragmented parts do not return and can manifest as depression, fatigue, a lack of joy, chronic anger, feeling stuck, an inability to thrive, suicidal thoughts, addictions or not feeling ‘all there.’ The goal of the ceremony is to clear the negative energy and return the fragmented self to wholeness.”

Lowe emphasizes soul retrieval is not a quick fix, and instead requires courage, commitment and a true desire to heal and return to wholeness. “For those with a deep desire and commitment to authenticity and living their lives with integrity and excellence, a soul retrieval can be life altering.”

A soul retrieval includes a preparation session, a two to four-hour soul retrieval ceremony, and a follow-up session a few weeks later.

For more information or to set-up a free 30-minute consultation, call 425-791-0413 or visit

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