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Why Compounding Helps Your Pets Take Their Medicine

Apr 01, 2019 10:35AM

submitted by Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy

Most pet owners know the challenges of administering medicine to their furry friends. And for good reason—our pets don’t like the taste or experience of downing pharmaceuticals any more than we do. Since a spoonful of sugar is not recommended to help a pet’s medicine go down, below are a few more effective options that can be easily attained by visiting your local compounding pharmacy.

Transdermal creams
A wide variety of medications can be compounded into a transdermal cream, which is effortlessly absorbed into your pet’s vascular system. By using a transdermal cream, usually applied on the inner ear, we can give our pets their medication without having to fuss with their mouth at all. This comes in handy for chronic conditions that mean our pets will be on those medications for the long haul.

A compounding pharmacy can transform virtually any dosage of a medication into a yummy treat for almost any animal. The medication is ground into fine particles and compounded into a treat form with a real treat base ranging from chicken and fish treats for cats, beef chicken or liver treats for dogs, and even flavored horse biscuits. Your pet will have no idea they’re getting medicated while enjoying their delicious snack.

Flavored suspensions

Your compounding pharmacist can also mix those bitter pills with safe sweeteners and flavors to create a tasty liquid. The pharmacy can create pre-measured syringes for smaller critters and bottles of suspension for larger animals, making it easy to dose your pet in a convenient and delicious formulation. This is also an ideal option if there is variance in how much medication your pet needs—for example, pain medications. Pet owners can easily administer a larger or smaller amount of liquid depending on each pet's needs at the time of administration.

The staff at Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy, located at 508 W. 6th Ave., Ste. 104 in Spokane, would be happy to help your pet more easily consume any prescribed medications. For more information, call 509-455-9345 or visit

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