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Defiant Collagen Blend Coffee Recipe

by Ronnie Watson

Collagen is a protein that occurs in organic tissues, and there are good reasons women should consider including it in their diet or as a supplement. What is collagen and why drink it in coffee? Collagen is a protein that takes up most of the space in connective tissues and in between other types of cells. It is present in basically every type of tissue in the human body—corneas, blood vessels, the digestive system, spinal discs, dentin (a component of teeth), muscle tissue, ligaments, cartilage, hair, placentas, and skin all contain or are made up largely of collagen.

The nature of everything in the universe is to decay, and our bodies are no exception. Collagen production takes place naturally - however as we age, a little less collagen production takes place. Cartilage shrinks, muscles get less supple, skin starts to sag, eyesight declines and hair doesn’t grow as fast, as thick, or stops growing altogether and slower collagen production is part of the cause.

This is why collagen is considered a vital supplement. Since there are also known benefits to drinking coffee by itself, adding collagen to coffee (as we did to our Defiant Coffee Collagen Blend) makes it that much better.

For many, this zero carb, zero sugar coffee is all that’s needed for an invigorating breakfast. The fat provides much-needed energy without any carbs or sugar to spike the blood sugar first thing in the morning. Plus, it gives the digestive system a longer break in between meals.


  • Defiant Collagen Blend Coffee
  • 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter or ghee
  • 1 tablespoon MCT oil or MCT oil powder
  • Heavy cream
  • Liquid stevia (optional)

Brew coffee as usual. Pour into a mug and add grass-fed butter or ghee. Grass fed butter contains butyric acid which is anti-inflammatory and improves overall gut health. Next, add MCT oil or powder. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are very quickly broken down by our bodies and turned into energy to fuel our brains and muscles. Use coconut based MCT oils to be more environmentally friendly. And, for those sensitive to oils, MCT oil powders are a great alternative. Add in heavy cream, as much as you like. The benefit of heavy cream is you get all the fat and creaminess without any carbs or sugar. For an optional dose of sweetness, I recommend liquid stevia drops. This all-natural plant-based sweetener comes in a variety of flavors.

For a more flavorful coffee, try brewing Defiant Coffee using your favorite French press. We’ve found that presses make for a more flavorful cup and will ensure that the extracts or collagen are not being filtered out. We recommend two tablespoons of ground coffee to eight ounces of water at 195 degrees, with a three-minute steep time. For an even frothier experience, blend your coffee in a heat safe blender.

Ronnie Watson is CEO and founder of Defiant Coffee Company, which offers a Collagen and Mushroom blend coffee that includes the highest quality, bioavailable ingredients. For more information or to order, visit, coupon code: awaken.

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