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Integrated Approach to Healthcare with Virtual Portal

Inspire Healthcare Membership is an online, on-demand system that addresses not only the physical pain, ailments and chronic disease affecting participants, but also the underlying emotional trauma and negative thoughts that block the body’s natural ability to heal.

This online portal, created by local naturopath, Brooke Heather, and retired registered nurse and energy healer, Stacy Strong, starts with a virtual intake questionnaire and phone interview followed by an integrative plan of care that addresses the participant’s unique needs and goals. In addition, participants receive a personal wellness advocate, ongoing education and on-demand support virtually through phone, video call and/or email.

“Stacy and I understand that pain and chronic disease have many causes, and all must be addressed before true healing can occur,” says Heather.  “This means physical, mental and emotional must be addressed all at the same time. Inspire Healthcare Membership is meant to do just this while more fully and holistically supporting our participants on their unique healing journeys.”

“We are fully dedicated to our participant’s well-being which, most of the time, starts with clearing the energy static out of the body,” says Strong. “Our goal is to help participants clear any and all limiting beliefs, toxic emotions, and relentless thought patterns so that the body is ready to receive the healing it needs.” 

Members have access to care when needed, regular ongoing communication, and discounts on therapies and products. This program is ideal for anyone who has been suffering with pain, disease or physical issues that regular medicine have not been able to help.Cost: $90 per month with a six-month minimum. For more information, visit or call 208-231-7149.

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