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Developing Embodied Awareness and Shadow Work with Horses

Healing with Horses Sanctuary is offering two four-day intensive workshops. The first one titled The Wisdom of the Herd 1, is being held from July 11 to 14, followed by Constellations with Horses: Softening the Shadow Sides of Self from July 18 to 21.

The Wisdom of the Herd is the first workshop in this two-part series designed specifically for those individuals in the healing professions. “This workshop is about developing embodied awareness and skills to support clients to heal by accessing the wisdom of their own body,” says Gloria Lybecker, owner and program instructor. “Many contemporary approaches to treating trauma emphasize gradually reconnecting clients with their bodies in order to rewire the brain and nervous system. However, tapping into bodily wisdom is also hugely beneficial for anyone wanting to process grief, heal anxiety, develop self-confidence and self-trust, transform the emotional components of physical illness, or simply understand themselves better and live a more fulfilling life.”

The Constellations with Horses workshop integrates cutting edge neuroscience and HeartMath science with Lybecker’s Healing Herd of seven horses. “This work opens the door to understanding how much information is coming in through our bodies,” explains Lybecker. “As comprehension deepens, we experience how we can effectively partner with horses and nature for conscious movement in our world.”

Lybecker emphasizes the power of horses in teaching bodily awareness. “They live fully present in the moment to every sensation and emotion and are finely attuned to their herd members and the wider environment,” she says. “The capacity to extend this awareness to their relationships with humans makes them excellent teachers.”

Cost for each workshop: $1,150. Location: 1003 S. Wheatland St., Medical Lake, WA. Limited spaces available. No previous horse experience required. For more information, contact Gloria Lybecker at 509-876-1802 or visit

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