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The Metaphysical Side of Chiropractic

Oct 01, 2019 08:43AM

by Patrick Dougherty of Chiropractic Lifecenter, Inc., in Spokane, WA

Chiropractic care seeks to restore the body’s innate healing wisdom derived from Universal Intelligence. The practice evolved from metaphysical and philosophical concepts developed primarily by the founders of chiropractic, DD and BJ Palmer. Below are some of the most important concepts of this effective modality.

Metaphysical Concepts

Universal and Innate Intelligences are important chiropractic concepts.
Humans are energetic particles existing in an infinite field of energy—Universal Intelligence. Innate Intelligence is Universal Intelligence manifested within us. When we are open to Universal Intelligence we can always access Innate Intelligence. Freely flowing Innate promotes emotional, chemical and physical well-being. It allows the nervous system to constructively adapt to stressful challenges and reflect the pure love of Universal Intelligence.

Humans often create polarities that stray from Universal Intelligence. Our programmed “reality” opposes the “actuality” of this intelligence, restricting us to lower frequencies of light. We shrink and feel pulled down, as if by gravity sucking the healthy vibrations of actuality out of us. Then we believe there is more loss than gain, negative than positive, pain than pleasure; in ourselves and others. A mind moving toward divinity attunes to ever-greater levels of actuality increasing the vibration of our reality. Our physiology can normalize, and we become healthier in body, mind and spirit.

With a vertebral subluxation, a spinal segment loses dynamic oscillatory vibration or oscillates too fast. Communication to the nervous system is diminished. Vibrational changes can harm organs, glands, cells and all other structures in the body. As a light-receiving and broadcasting system, the quality of light we generate affects everything via our nervous system. Subluxation impedes optimal energetic vibratory state. A chiropractic adjustment can be a solution to that impaired state.


The physics of chaos and entropy dictate constant transformation of vibratory energy. Signs and symptoms signal a dissipated vibration within that attempts to bring awareness to a person’s incongruities. We keep breaking down until we gain awareness and humble ourselves to higher vibrations of the universe. Mastery replaces the vibration of illusion of gain and loss with vibrations of pure love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. Time spent in higher vibrations of Universal Intelligence advances health. The more we tune in, the more we receive.

Tone is the product of vibrational frequency existing in everything. As Universal Intelligence produces Innate Intelligence, subluxation produces vibratory tone dissonance. Dissonant tones create friction with the resonant frequency of the Universe, and its inhabitants.
Our tone helps decide whether a wave becomes destructive or flows rhythmically in the ocean of Universal Intelligence.

The ability of Innate Intelligence to express itself fully can be compromised by the reality we create. Genius is the ability to humble ourselves and be open to a Universal Intelligence we cannot measure, see or understand completely. When a chiropractic subluxation is corrected with an adjustment, the door is opened to restore the body’s innate healing wisdom and its link to Universal Intelligence. 


Pat Dougherty, DC, is a holistic chiropractor at Chiropractic Lifecenter, Inc., located at 2110 N. Washington St., Ste. 1, in Spokane. He offers chiropractic adjustments, muscle testing, as well as a complete exploration of all aspects of a person’s wellness. Call 509-327-4373 or email [email protected] Visit for the full version of this article or for more information.
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