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Address Your Health Challenges with Chinese Herbal Medicine

Emily Farish, Spokane-based Chinese herbal medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, specializes in an ancient form of Chinese pulse evaluation to help patients with a variety of health conditions. “Many of us are struggling to experience vitality and yet we don’t know where to turn for help,” she says. “Aging is a part of life and we can reclaim our health and thrive at any age. When you give yourself the gift of health, the world around you changes.”

Farish was first introduced to the life-enhancing benefits of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine several years ago while living with chronic pain and relentless fatigue following a serious auto accident and a robbery at gun point a short time later. “I tried many different therapies that were helpful—but it wasn’t until trying Chinese herbal medicine that I was able to fully regain my strength and reclaim my health,” she explains. “Chinese medicine offered so many solutions for me to get out of pain and to move forward in my life. Not just physically from my auto accident, but emotionally.”

Each herbal medicine formulation Farish prescribes is tailored to the individual patient and targets their specific needs. “We address the root causes rather than just symptoms,” she assures. “It is my life mission to help others regain their health with Chinese herbal medicine. I practice this medicine because it changed my life. I hope it can help you too.”

Emily Farish Acupuncture is located at 400 S. Jefferson St., Ste. 203 in Spokane. For more information or to make an appointment, call 509-217-9262 or visit
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