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Functional Nutritionist Helps Whole Families Heal

Amy Maus, functional nutritionist, certified health coach, master herbalist, farmer and the owner of Functional Family Nutrition, is passionate about helping individuals and families improve their overall health through diet and lifestyle changes.

“It’s exciting to me when clients ‘get’ that what they consume and how they live actually matters and can improve their quality of life dramatically,” explains Maus. “I also love when a family member is chronically ill and they start to feel better—this improvement not only impacts them; it impacts their whole family and future generations. How you live and eat now doesn’t just affect you—it affects your children, grandchildren and beyond.”

Maus specializes in helping people who suffer from chronic illness, digestion issues, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and more by utilizing dietary and lifestyle changes as well as targeted supplements.

“Through one-on-one coaching, online health classes, supplement recommendations and dietary and lifestyle changes, I’m able to help clients get to the root cause of their issues and bring balance, energy and joy back into their lives,” she says. “I’m able to manage all my client meetings, classes and protocols virtually, which means I can be flexible in working with my clients' individual schedules. This also helps keep my charges down.”

In addition, Maus and her family are opening Autumn Creek Bakery, a division of their family farm, Autumn Creek Ranch. The bakery will open at the end of November and will offer heirloom grain sandwich bread and other healthy baked goods through the Spokane Real Food Buyers Co-op and direct to individuals.

For more information, visit or email [email protected] For information about Autumn Creek Bakery, email [email protected]
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