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Emily Farish - Demystifying Chinese Medicine

by Sheila Julson

Emily Farish, of Emily Farish Acupuncture, grew up on the San Juan Islands surrounded by the natural beauty of the archipelago and the influence of her grandmother, who instilled in her an appreciation for the nutritional properties of herbs. As an adult, Farish considered a career in nursing and studied western sciences. But while living in the San Francisco Bay area and pursuing a master’s degree in public health, two traumatic events occurred that changed her trajectory—she was in a serious car accident, and not long after that, she was mugged at gunpoint.

A friend had recommended acupuncture to help relieve the resulting physical pain and post-traumatic stress incurred from those incidents. “I received a treatment and it was so helpful,” Farish recalls, “I could actually feel the trauma release from my body.”

Farish became enthralled with Chinese medicine and studied at Western Herbal Medicine School while working part-time for an acupuncturist, who encouraged her to become licensed as an acupuncturist. She enrolled at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California, to begin a comprehensive six-year training program in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Farish eventually relocated to Spokane, where her husband, Jason, a military veteran, is from, and opened Emily Farish Acupuncture in 2016. “I love Spokane and meeting people who are genuinely curious about Chinese medicine, herbal medicine and acupuncture. It is a complementary medicine, and I enjoy educating people and demystifying Chinese medicine. It’s not a cure, but a tool to help the body function better,” she enthuses.

Acupuncture promotes natural healing by stimulating the nervous system to increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Farish explains that acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine addresses inflammatory markers to help the body function on the cellular level. She’s found it particularly effective in addressing chronic pain, digestive issues and stress. 

Farish also specializes in Chinese herbs. She has in-depth training in herb-drug interactions and understands the complexities of each individual’s ailment and what herbs could help him or her function optimally. Her clinic has a retail component dedicated to herbal medicine. She also provides nutritional counseling.

Pulse diagnosis, which Farish uses as a diagnostic tool, hones in on where pain, injuries or inflammation lies within the body. “Western medicine focuses on looking at the person in a diseased state. Labwork might show that everything is normal, but Chinese pulse diagnosis can help understand where a deeper problem lies,” says this dedicated practitioner, who lived in Asia for two years after completing post-graduate studies and licensure and specialized in the technique while living there. Upon returning to the U.S., Farish was selected to be a part of a two-year residency program that further fine-tuned Chinese pulse diagnosis. 

“My patients really keep me motivated. I feel honored and blessed to work with them and to practice this medicine,” she concludes. Outside of the clinic, Farish is inspired by the companionship of her husband and her cat, Finn.

Emily Farish Acupuncture is located at 400 S. Jefferson St., Ste. 203, Spokane. For more information, call 509-217-9262 or visit

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