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There is Only God Going On

Dec 04, 2019 12:36PM
Why do you believe heaven is written in our hearts?

As a scientist, I firmly believe that we are created beings with physical bodies and spiritual souls. I believe that our spiritual self remembers heaven and remembers joy. Part of our journey here on Earth is to rediscover our connection with God. As adults, we often feel that we have to choose between science and spiritualism. The truth is that they coexist, answering questions in different ways.

The above Q&A is an excerpt from this month’s Wise Words interview with surgeon Mary Neal who had a near-death experience (NDE) in 1999 that changed the trajectory of her life. Because of her direct experience with death, she was forced to reconsider life and the way she lived it. She was also forced to see God as something real and available to her and every living being on the planet, and that rediscovering this connection is a key part of our journey here on Earth.

I can’t help but wholeheartedly agree. And while I’ve never experienced an NDE myself, I know that the death of someone I love very much—my mom—felt like a part of myself died with her. It was that part of me that wanted to cling to the belief that death only happened to the old. The part that insisted on fighting death or holding it at bay because it was something to be feared. The part that believed I could live a full life and not feel the pain of losing someone I love deeply, and if I did, that it wasn’t right or fair. That part of me had to die so that something new could be birthed.

That something new was God, which I have thankfully come to understand and experience on my own terms without the religious narratives, dogma or scientific prejudice to taint it. I sense Her as the Source energy that lives and breathes everything and everyone. That which has always been and will always be—present at birth, death and everywhere in between; there is truly only God going on.

This profound “knowing” which was birthed at the time of my mother’s death forced me to change the trajectory of my life and to consider a new way of being in the world. I’m thankful and appreciative for this newfound connection to my Source within and without, and to my mother for helping guide me there.

And speaking of knowing, I know that you’re going to love this month’s issue! In addition to the thought-provoking interview with Mary Neal, we’ve got plenty of editorial goodness this December. Check out the news briefs section to find out about some amazing events happening including the Holistic Chamber of Commerce meeting being held December 10 (I’ll be there, so please come join me!). You will also want to check out our Community Spotlight highlighting the amazing Emily Farish, and our page ten interview with local spiritual astrologist, Govinda Miller, who explains the spiritual implosion of divine light coming December 31!

Enjoy the holiday season all you beautiful people! I can’t wait to reconnect in the New Year. 

Soulfully Yours,


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