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Heal Body and Soul with Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Jan 01, 2020 07:42PM ● By Amber McKenzie

by Dawn-Marie Hancock

The lymphatic system is one of our most powerful bodily systems designed to keep us healthy and strong on a daily basis. It is an expansive network of lymph vessels that start as small as a single cell located just under the surface of the skin to gradually larger cells and nodes that run deep into the body and around every organ. These lymph vessels are highly specialized for specific areas such as the brain and the gut.

Our bodies create toxins by using the energy needed for all life activities. This creates a “waste” fluid made up of water and large protein molecules that must be drained out. The lymph system pulls this fluid out and sends it through a continual process of filtering and cleansing until our body voids out this waste product, replacing it with purified water that is then released back into the circulatory system.

For many, the question is how do you keep your lymphatic system healthy? Providing stimulation is highly effective in developing a strong and efficient lymphatic system. Lymphatic massage is a gentle rhythmic and calming massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and the entire body to increase and redirect the flow of fluids for more efficient and effective removal of toxins. This special massage provides immediate assistance for toxin removal. Over the long term, the lymph system is supported allowing for re-conditioning and strengthening of the system to create greater endurance and efficiency for toxin removal. Added benefits include calming of the nervous system, reduction of anxiety and pain, decreased symptoms for allergies, digestive ailments and immune system enhancement.

Wellness habits that support the lymphatic system include drinking plenty of water, limiting intake of fats and highly processed foods, along with daily relaxation practices such as deep diaphragm breathing, mediation, gentle stretching, exercise and daily self-massage.

Note: For those with congested swelling that is a result of surgical procedures, radiation or cancer, be sure to consult a medical professional that has been specifically trained to address “lymphedemas.”

Dawn-Marie Hancock, OTR/L, is the owner of Healing Hearts Together located in Hayden, ID. She has been practicing Lymphatic Drainage Massage for over 20 years and is an active member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She is Vodder trained and experienced with cancer recovery and wellness. For questions or to schedule an appointment, call 208-389-8234 or visit
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