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Here’s to Renewed Faith in 2020

Jan 01, 2020 08:48PM

 “Faith is our direct link to universal wisdom, reminding us that we know more than we have heard or read or studied – that we have only to look, listen and trust the love and wisdom of the Universal Spirit working through us all.” – from the book The Laws of Spirit by Dan Millman.

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by Spiritual Laws, especially the Law of Faith. I recently gave a message on faith at Unity Spiritual Center, and in the process of researching this important topic, I realized that for most of my life I had put my “faith” into relative truths and the material world that existed outside of myself. I had been taught by society, culture and those around me to root myself in what’s ‘out there’—a belief system, a religion, a book, a person, a guru, a flag, a political ideology, an identity—even science. But what I didn’t realize was that everything in this physical world is relative, and therefore subject to change, shift and deteriorate over time. This creates something I like to call ‘faithquakes’ which is when something we’ve rooted our life in shifts, changes or dies. This shift might register as a three on the Richter scale and barely shake the ground we walk on, or it could be a 10 and completely rock our world. Regardless, we have all experienced them throughout our lives, and they can be heartbreaking and life changing.

This is why I now seek to root myself in that which is sturdy, strong and unshakable; that doesn’t shift, change or deteriorate over time. Some call this Divine Mind, the Oneness, the Universe, God, or any number of terms, but it is all the same Truth we are referencing, and it exists within each and every one of us. It is where Universal Truth and Spiritual Laws dwell, and it is where all of our answers reside—if only we are willing to connect and listen.  

And so, over the course of the next 12 letters from publisher, I will be covering a different spiritual law each month in the hopes of creating new roots in something solid and never changing. I hope you will join me!

In the meantime, let’s get to our latest, year-round issue of Natural Awakenings. I’m very excited to present our first annual Holistic Living Directory 2020! Within these pages, you will find two directories—the first is our Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) Guide which highlights members of our local Spokane Chapter of the HCC and provides a description of each participating business as well as a spotlight article highlighting the Chamber. The second is our 2020 Holistic Living Directory, which serves as a year-round guide to the amazing local businesses and their transformational therapies, services and products available to the Inland Northwest community.

In addition, I am excited to announce a weekly podcast I will be hosting with my friend and holistic marketing colleague, Chris Angell, titled Holistic Northwest Living. The podcast comes out on Tuesdays beginning January 14 and will highlight holistic businesses, practitioners, service providers and therapists doing their important work in our region. We encourage you to check it out! Learn more about it on page 6.

Cheers to you, dear reader! Here’s to a new decade and a chance to root yourself in the Truth that only you can know. May your light shine bright this 2020.

Soulfully yours,


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