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The Metaphysics of Chiropractic in Practice

Feb 01, 2020 07:47PM
by Pat Dougherty

In the October issue of Natural Awakenings, I wrote about the metaphysics of chiropractic, introducing the historical concepts of Innate and Universal Intelligence, subluxation, vibration and tone, and the triad of health. The abbreviated version is that Universal Intelligence expressed as Innate Intelligence is always present at 100 percent in all living systems. Subluxations cause reduced expression of that intelligence causing a suboptimal vibration of a person’s energy field/tone. Lower levels of vibration are caused by physical, chemical and emotional (the triad of health) traumas.

This article explains how those concepts apply in a metaphysical chiropractor’s practice. After analysis of a person’s issues and a physical exam, a metaphysical chiropractor might explore the tone of their vibration with muscle testing. Muscle testing is an exchange of energy that allows expression of subconscious knowledge. Information is gleaned this way on the structural tone of the skeleton, but also the tone of organs, glands, buried cellular stress, deficiencies, excesses, toxins and more.

Data from muscle testing suggests pathways to increase vibrational tone, allowing Innate Intelligence expression. The art of chiropractic is use of procedures to follow pathways to restored and expanded innate healing wisdom.

Chiropractic reduction of subluxation via adjustments is the key. There are times, however, when the roots of a subluxation are too deep to be removed by just an adjustment. Then other pathways revealed by muscle testing are important. For example, in my practice I use muscle release techniques, lasers, supplementation and more to affect deeper roots. I figure out what modalities and techniques to use the same way the pathways to the roots of a distorted vibrational tone are found—through muscle testing. Practically every step of the way, the body is asked what intervention it needs next. A person’s treatment is always individualized, sometimes complex and sometimes straightforward. But their subconscious is always involved in the decision-making process.

All disease and symptoms are biologically predictable reactions to the body’s changing tone which is based on vibration. Chiropractic seeks to change tone and restore the body’s innate healing wisdom, not treat conditions.

Pat Dougherty, DC, is a holistic chiropractor at Chiropractic Lifecenter, Inc., located at 2110 N. Washington St., Ste. 1, in Spokane. For more information, call 509-327-4373, email [email protected] or visit
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