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Spiritual Travel Adventures with Dolphins

Feb 01, 2020 07:54PM
Dolphin Light Adventures is offering three unique Hawaii retreats that include swimming with wild dolphins near Kona, Hawaii. The first is an Animal Reiki I and II Practitioner Certificate Training, March 22 to 26; second is a Reiki Master Certificate Training, March 29 to April 2; and third is a Parent-Daughter Dolphin Light Adventure retreat, April 5 to 9.

“The dolphins have been calling me since 1998 to swim with them in the open oceans of the world,” shares Dr. Linda Grace Kingsbury, owner of Dolphin Light Adventures. “My passion is sharing the wisdom of dolphins by offering spirit-filled nature immersions and certified reiki trainings where we live in collaboration with the natural pulse of the island from sunrise to sunset.”

Kingsbury says she was inspired to share the messages she received from dolphins over 20 years ago to help humans take care of their ocean home. “Keeping my commitment, I created an interactive Dolphin Lessons of Light presentation for holistic health fairs and started offering spiritual travel adventures,” she explains. “I also learned to prepare the herbal remedies and offer healing techniques that the dolphins shared with me.”

She goes on to say that allowing the island, natural elements and wildlife to be the teachers deepens each participants’ personal connection to the divine magic and mysteries in all creation. “During these trips, we are conscious students of life experiencing each day as a prayer without the distraction of media, technology, or one’s usual activities. The freedom of floating in the ocean surrounded by the playful movements, sound and sonic vibrations of the dolphins is truly life-changing.”

Dr. Linda Grace Kingsbury is a reiki master and energy medicine teacher trained in clairvoyance, animal communication, sound vibrational healing, Kundalini yoga and herbal medicine. For more information on upcoming trips or to sign up, visit or call 208-883-9933. Mention Natural Awakenings and receive a trip discount.
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