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Local Health Coach Promotes the Energy of Healing

By Sheila Julson

Jennifer Burrows, of Mind-Body Wellness, LLC, jokes that she was “kind of a strange teenager, always reading Prevention magazines” rather than publications aimed toward teens. Burrows was also intrigued by her mother’s encyclopedia of herbs. But Burrows’ interest in natural wellness, as well as how the body’s vital energy forces can aid in healing, increased dramatically when she was trying to help her son with a health issue.

While juggling work as a dental assistant and raising a young family, her son had a severe tic disorder. “We exhausted the mainstream medical route and sought out care with a naturopathic physician,” Burrows recalls. Her son’s condition improved through diet and supplements, but Burrows still felt something was lacking.

A family friend introduced her to homeopathy. “I heard of homeopathy but was not too familiar with it, “she says. “But after seeking treatment with a local homeopathic physician, that’s where I gained an appreciation of our vital force and the body’s ability to heal. I’m a believer in nutrition and supplements, but beneath that, there’s the body electric, and a lot of things that can get in the way and hamper our vital force’s ability to find that internal balance and heal.”

 After learning about quantum biofeedback, a modality which Burrows says helps the body self-correct imbalances by reducing stress through re-education, her son experienced even better results. Burrows became certified in quantum biofeedback through the Institute of Stress Sciences and achieved certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In addition, she’s attained certifications in Emotion Code and HeartMath, which allow her to offer other holistic ways to address a variety of stressors.

 After helping friends and family through Mind-Body Wellness, LLC, Burrows opened a brick and mortar location in 2017. As a health coach, she emphasizes not just healthy eating, but attention to how other lifestyle factors can adversely affect health, such as stress. “It’s not just about the food you put into your mouth,” she notes. “People can be on the best diets, be physically fit, drink plenty water and exercise, but if there are other things within the body or environment that create stress, nutrition and lifestyle can only take you so far. “

Burrows looks at stressors in a holistic fashion and considers factors that are creating disturbances. She equates it to how running household appliances would interfere with the television reception on old rabbit ear antennas. “The body is the same way; first and foremost, we’re electrical beings, and there’s a lot of things that can create interference—electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) from gadgets, toxins, pathogens and even emotions.”

Burrows uses quantum biofeedback to help the body rebalance. The quantum biofeedback machine she uses in her office has a head harness with electrodes that deliver three-dimensional signatures. Wrist and ankle straps precisely measure nervous system response of all four quadrants of the body. Areas of stress, as well as contributing stressors, can be detected and addressed through a process of entrainment. The goal is to return the body's frequencies to their natural state, correcting the stress patterns.

 The Emotion Code modality is a very direct way to identify and release trapped emotions from the body. Burrows says, “To this day, I have yet to see any physical ailment that doesn’t have some kind of trapped emotion involved, such as shock and panic from a past car accident. Where did those emotions go if they don’t get processed? They leave an energetic imprint in the body that can wreak havoc.”

 HeartMath consists of breathing exercises and emotional regulation techniques that can put the heart into a state of coherence and increase heart rate variability. When practicing HeartMath techniques, the heart sends these balancing signals to the brain and nervous systems. “That can have a huge positive health effect on the entire body as it can bring us out of a flight or fight response, and with practice, create resilience to stress,” explains Burrows.

 Nutritional health coaching, quantum biofeedback, Emotion Code and Heart Math are all modalities that can be used in conjunction with other types of therapies to help reduce stress and its adverse effects, Burrows says. Outside of Mind-Body Wellness, LLC, Burrows is active in the community and occasionally donates services for wellness efforts. She’s a licensed spiritual health coach and a co-founder of Wonderfully Made, an organization dedicated to opening dialogue and promoting healing within the LGBTQ+ community. She’s also an active member of the Spokane chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

 Burrows affirms that she feels inspired by her vocation. “It’s been rewarding to see people improve and show them they really can take charge of their health,” she concludes.

 March Special for New Clients: Burrows is offering a 30-minute consultation and one-hour HeartMath, Biofeedback or Emotion Code service for only $45 ($30 savings). Mind-Body Wellness, LLC is located at 319 W. Hastings, Ste. A112, in Spokane. Call 509-242-0856 to schedule or visit

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