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Life-Changing CBD

Mar 01, 2020 07:37AM

Jessica Charles, regional manager of Bluegrass Hemp Oil in Spokane Valley, shares that like many others, she was led to discover the medicinal benefits of CBD by witnessing a health crisis with a loved one. “After years of unsuccessful treatments, my nine-year-old sister was in peril. Her autism had led to anxiety which triggered rage episodes and self-harm. It was constant and severe. We had to find something to help her,” she recalls.  

Joined by dozens of other families of children in need, Charles began advocating for legal access to hemp rich in cannabidiol (CBD) in 2012. The CBD movement was born and quickly gained traction. By 2014, hemp became legal to grow and process.

One of those families was Bill and Adriane Polyniak, the founding family of Kentucky Cannabis Company and Bluegrass Hemp Oil. Because of their advocacy for their son with epilepsy, they received a hemp license to grow and produce CBD. Their need led them to create some of the first CBD products available nationwide.

“Two months into CBD use, we knew we had found what worked for my sister. Her meltdowns were all but gone, she was sleeping well, her vocabulary suddenly switched on, and most importantly, she seemed happy,” says Charles, who affirms that within months, countless CBD consumers experience similar levels of benefit, including the Polyniak’s son, who had become seizure-free.

As research shows, CBD is highly effective in helping the body regulate itself. Consistent low servings tend to bring a variety of benefits over time, and for some, immediate results may be possible. “Anxiety, supported by both anecdotal and scientific evidence, is a perfect example of this,” says Charles.

Bluegrass Hemp Oil, offering artisan, hemp derived, CBD extracts and infused products, is located at 101 N. Argonne Rd., Ste. G in the Spokane Valley. For more information, call 509-590-8196 or visit
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