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Publisher’s Pick: Pam Flowerday Intuitive Counsel & Healings

After meeting intuitive counselor and reiki master, Pam Flowerday, and learning more about her 20 plus years of intuitive work and successful practice in the Bay area, I knew I needed a session. Her offer of a 25 percent discount to new clients on a 90-minute intuitive reading and reiki session sealed the deal. I made the appointment, and here’s how it went:

First off, I felt very comfortable in Flowerday’s presence. Her energy was welcoming, calm and centered. She explained that her readings are designed to access information held in my energy field (aura) that may be stuck or have emotional charges making it difficult to work through, causing resistance or “blind spots.” 

Flowerday shared that she clairvoyantly “sees” constellations of energy that are stuck together in clusters in the aura, also known as thoughtforms. Once she gets a good picture in her mind’s eye, she describes what she sees to help create ‘aha’ moments of truth. This process frees up the energy blocks and allows the release of one’s own answers stored inside the corresponding chakra. She explains, “this process frees up the energy blocks so you can move forward rather than repeat the same patterns of behavior which had been rooted in the unconscious limiting belief.”

Chakra Reading

Flowerday asked for permission to read my energy field, and then checked the vibration and color of my crown chakra, which she matched to her own vibration so she could tune in clairvoyantly. Next, she scanned each of my chakras and gave me a number indicating how active they were. She said my solar plexus chakra was about 78 to 80 percent open, which is quite active, so we would be focusing on what I’m processing there energetically.

Rose Reading

I loved this part! Flowerday explained that she is able to look at a client’s spiritual growth period through the symbol of a rose because roses are universally a neutral image that remove the emotional charge from information, making it easier to read. She said my rose had two layers and was a golden yellow and green color with numerous petals and that it was 75 percent open. She said I stepped into this period of growth in July of 2019 and that it will continue through April of 2020. Each petal indicated an area of focus in my spiritual growth, and the openness of the blossom was how far along I was on my journey. She said the hip and stem of my rose were tall and strong, indicating clear communication and how I showed up in the world. There were also two small leaves on the rose that indicated young energies—my daughters. She also saw a large, bright sun directly behind my rose which indicated my highest truth and my spiritual resources. I felt fabulous and lit up with this information.  


Next I was given the opportunity to ask any questions or talk about areas of my life where I had concerns. As I’m talking, Flowerday is able to tune in and watch which parts of my aura light up and then she’s able to read these ‘pictures’ and track them back to the starting point of the issue/concern. She asks for guidance from her inner self and the client’s inner self to show what information is useful in resolving the issue. She was able to take me back to a time in my childhood when I felt responsible for the adults in my life, and as a result of this assumed responsibility, I allowed a part of myself to break off. We talked at length about what she saw. Soon, she was able to guide me to clarity. I cried quite a bit but felt relief and forgiveness of myself and those around me. It was a very beautiful experience. She also shared with me an affirmation I could use in the future for additional self-care and healing.

Reiki/High Spirit Healing

After the intuitive reading which took about an hour, she asked if I would like a healing. Of course, I said yes and hopped on the table. She spent about 30 minutes checking and realigning my chakras, clearing out the energy ready to be released from the session. She even did remote healing work on my children. I felt very relaxed and at peace. Finally, she called in golden energy from above to fill the space and me, replenishing the energy field and sealing the healing.

I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day and would highly recommend her reading and reiki session to anyone looking for additional guidance and clarity in their life.

Session cost for new clients: $112 (regularly $155). Location: The Lotus Spokane, 225 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane. For more information or to schedule, call 510-701-0204 or visit
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