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Reset Your Nervous System to Resolve Chronic Health Conditions

Mar 01, 2020 08:32AM

Darrin Lenton, owner of Neural Advantage, specializes in helping clients with chronic pain and other health difficulties. Conditions that he has successfully helped resolve include balance issues, muscle tightness/weakness, vertigo, ocular control, chronic pain, athletic injuries, recurring headaches, arthritis and more. “I want people to know that if they have been to every specialist out there and have tried every therapy recommended, yet they are still experiencing pain, there is hope,” says Lenton. “I am not a replacement to other therapies, but I do offer complementary care that can serve as a catalyst to get them through a plateau with remarkable results.”  

Lenton describes his healing work as energy medicine meets western neuroscience. “I divide problems into two categories: neural signaling and structural anomalies,” explains Lenton. “I can find and reset dysfunctions within the neural network responsible for pain or functional trouble with anything that the nervous system controls.”

He goes on to share that many people with chronic pain experience neural signaling miscommunication in the body which can lead to lower and upper back, knee, shoulder, neck and joint pain. “Neurons act like a dimmer switch that are either dialed up too high or too low, which leads to extreme pain and difficulty functioning,” says Lenton. “It seems like magic, but once I’m able to address and resolve the neurological signaling error, and if that error was the sole reason for the pain or dysfunction, then that symptom is immediately cleared.” 

Structural anomalies such as scar tissue, bone spurs, arthritis, calcifications and some tumors require a bit more time and attention to reset, according to Lenton. “These structures take up space in the body and soft tissue and nerves can become stuck together creating adhesions and nerve entrapments and reduce tissue extensibility,” he says. “In many cases, complete resolution of a painful problem cannot be achieved without solving both neural signaling errors and structural anomalies. I can reset these signaling errors immediately and deal with the structural issues over the course of a few visits, setting the stage for a client to clean the scar tissue out of their own body, naturally.”

For more information, or to read client testimonials, visit Cost: $100 for a 60-minute session. Offices located in Spokane Valley and Coeur d’Alene. To make an appointment, call 916-215-9118.
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