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Mar 31, 2020 04:04PM ● By Amber McKenzie

This is a word I’ve been using a lot lately. 

It’s meant to convey surprise, wonder, pleasure and pain—which are just a smattering of the feelings and emotions all of us have felt over the past several weeks.

As I shared in last month’s issue, I went on a 13-day sacred travel tour across Egypt, which turned out to be divinely timed as we completed the tour on March 17, which is the day I returned home to a shockingly new world and reality.

But before going there, let’s return to Egypt. It is without a doubt the most magnificent, mystical and deeply spiritual country I’ve ever visited. From seven nights on the Nile to the great pyramids, sphinx and the numerous temples and sacred sites in between, my physical and spiritual senses had never been so heightened. I felt embodied and fully alive there—I fell in love with life again and I swear my heart exploded in joy and appreciation at every turn. During our private tour inside the great pyramid, which I can’t even begin to explain how wow that place was, while meditating in the king’s chamber, I felt a physical expansion in my chest, as though I could feel the energetic power of my heart for the first time. I was reminded of that moment in The Grinch when his heart grew three sizes, and he buckled under the force of it all. That’s how it felt. It was deeply humbling.


And so, the mystical trip ended, and I headed home to a new world. The wows continued, only this time, they were out of confusion, panic, pain and surprise. I felt a deep sense of powerlessness in the midst of this unknown and unseen entity that was taking the world by storm. My emotions were mixed. Was it really that serious? What’s the big deal? Why is all the toilet paper gone? I tried to stay above the fray and the panicked, fear-based media coverage while at the same time feeling a deep sense of compassion and sadness for those around the world who were suffering with this virus, as well as those who were feeling isolated, scared and alone. I worried about the healthcare workers who were on the front lines and risking their lives, as well as the essential businesses remaining open to serve their communities. I observed myself spiraling into a state of gloom and doom that felt heavy and overwhelming. Fortunately, my time floating along the divinely feminine Nile river filled me with a knowing that I desperately needed now - there was nothing to do but flow.

So, I flow. I flow and trust that all is in divine working order, even though it feels chaotic. Despite my attempts to control life, life is in the driver’s seat and my only job is to sit back and allow. It will serve me best to stay above the fray and trust that the universe is doing what it’s always done—sending me what I didn’t know I needed. And my job is to receive and be thankful. Gratitude offers us and everyone we come into (socially-distanced) contact with the highest vibration known to human kind, and I know we could all use more of that. 

And so, friends, I encourage you during this extremely tumultuous time to take the Nile’s lead and just flow. Allow yourself to feel, express, be and receive anything and everything that’s for you, and leave everything else behind. I’ll be flowing too—at a six-foot distance, of course.

With deep love and appreciation for our beautiful community of souls,


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