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The Arrival

May 01, 2020 02:14PM ● By Amber McKenzie

 Here’s the thing—I could have chosen a bright, cheery cover filled with sunshine and flowers for the May-June issue of Natural Awakenings; but clearly, I wasn’t feeling it. For a variety of reasons, bright and cheery doesn’t resonate with me right now, and I know I’m not alone. What does resonate is this woman. She’s isolated and alone, on an island, in the rain and she’s looking off into the distance… But what does she see? A brighter future perhaps? An unknown and unimaginable destiny? Is she filled with excitement, fear, trepidation or nervous anticipation? I don’t know; but I’m feeling it. The entire world is feeling it. What’s going to happen next? What does the future hold?

This cover painting is titled, “The Arrival” and the artist, Paul Bond, explains that, “It speaks to our ultimate aloneness in the world. After all, there’s no other person, other than ourselves, with whom we will travel through our entire lives. Yet there is strength and peace in her aloneness.”

I agree with the artist that we are ultimately alone in the world with no other person to travel with us and know our experience. However, I would argue that her strength and peace come not from her aloneness, but in her deep knowing that she is never alone. I believe strongly that each of us extends far beyond this physical realm existing as energetic and spiritual beings having a messy-beautiful human experience. What this means is that we don’t have a soul—we are the soul and we have a body, temporarily. Our soul, or higher self, has been here and will be here forever. It is with us from pre-birth through the end of our physical lives when we return home and are reunited. We are also accompanied by a team of guides, guardians and angels that are on standby 24/7, available to remind us who and what we have come here to be—most especially when we’ve forgotten.

Interestingly enough, many of us have forgotten—me included—that which sets our heart afire, also known as our soul’s purpose. And it is during this time of forced isolation, discomfort, social and “busy-body” distancing that we are encouraged to stop and remember. For many of us, it’s not comfortable or pretty or bright or cheery, and we may feel like we have no idea where we are going, or worse; that we are weathering this storm all alone. I assure you; we are not. No matter your background, religious or spiritual leanings, beliefs or non-beliefs, please know that you are unconditionally loved, and you are worthy of the answers you seek and the unique life that is only yours to live. Everything is right there and available – within you.

Please enjoy this May-June issue of Natural Awakenings which covers a variety of topics, including autoimmune health, the mechanics of stress, benefits of collagen, how dance and movement can set you free and the gift of hard times. We also have COVID-19 community partner updates and specials, so please check them out!

It’s become a cliché these days, but we really are all in this together, so here’s to the never-boring mystery and adventure that is life, and to our arrival into what is next…

And so it is,


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