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Expanded Complementary Therapy Offerings

Deborah A. Martinez, MD, is excited to announce the expansion of services in her health and wellness office to include additional credible complementary therapies as well as a complementary therapy educational program.

“Shortly after opening my office in 2019, it became clear there was a tremendous need for more therapies focused on the body’s basic needs; needs beyond restoring good blood flow,” explains Martinez.  “When the body is provided with its essential requirements, multiple health issues can be impacted. Who wouldn’t want to improve more than one health problem by supporting what their body needs most?”

As a retired surgeon, Martinez is resolute in recommending and offering only credible therapies that are based on sound scientific research, as well as offering education. “In my live online seminar, Believe It’s Possible, I explain my approach to participants by helping them understand the body’s basic needs in relationship to their own health issues,” Martinez shares. “I also explain what complementary therapy is, how to find credible complementary therapy, and how to develop a personalized program, taking advantage of the possible synergy between conventional medicine and less conventional health and wellness practices.”    

Her goal is to empower individuals and offer them the hope that feeling better is possible. “I have achieved some amazing results with complementary therapy for my own health issues. I am here to help others do the same.”

Location: 2020 E. 29th Ave., Ste. 225. For more information, call 509-724-3946 or visit
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