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Reduce the Effects of EMF Stress

Dan Stachofsky, president of Essential Energy, shares that electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are everywhere—from cell phones to refrigerators to electric cars. “And while many may not realize their disruptive effects, science has proven that every individual’s biochemistry is affected by EMF stress whether we feel it or not. Essential Energy has created products to reduce the harmful effects of EMF,” he says.  

Stachofsky explains that, unlike other EMF protection products on the market, Essential Energy products don’t block electromagnetic frequencies. “Rather than blocking the signals, our technology uses light harmonics to correct the negative aspect of the signals. It’s gentle and effective against all forms of harmful EMF,” he affirms. “We embed proven harmonics into the plates used in each product, and as a result these beneficial harmonics transmute the harmful electro-magnetic frequencies making them a biological non-issue.”

According to Stachofsky, Dr. Magda Havas, an expert in EMF science, believes that three percent of the population have severe electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) symptoms and 35 percent have mild to moderate symptoms. “Everyone’s experience will be slightly different as each individual is unique, but those who suffer from EHS often experience sleeplessness, memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, trouble breathing and more,” says Stachofsky. “Our products start to work right away to reduce EMF stress, which is a cause of many of these symptoms.”

Stachofsky suggests that pulmonary function may also improve when EMF stress is reduced. “In two studies, we have shown that by wearing our Power Pendant or the LightTower, the EMF stress response is reduced in over 90 percent of people tested, and their breathing becomes deeper and fuller almost immediately.”

For more information, visit Now through May, receive a free pulse oximeter with any purchase. Call 509-850-0557 or visit for more information.
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