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Better Digestion for Improved Overall Health

by Patrick Dougherty

Many of us go through life not really feeling that great. Experiencing gas, bloating, pain, reflux, diarrhea, constipation or other gut symptoms can wreak havoc on both short term and long-term health.

These are symptoms of life being energetically hijacked. The result of gut disease can express as symptoms in other systems in the body. Nearly every condition we endure has some link to the gut. Continuing to live with dysfunction in the gut is an open invitation to the process of autoimmune conditions.

Fortunately, gut issues can usually be resolved with attention to lifestyle issues such as diet and supplements. Muscle testing in the Applied Kinesiology tradition can assess the weaknesses in a person’s gut and beyond. With this information, a practitioner can more effectively correct a person’s energetic weaknesses.

The liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach and intestines are all parts of the digestive system. Fixing the digestive system is often a 6 to 12-month process with several phases which may include repair, re-learning how to digest, and restoring flora balance in the gut. If necessary, these phases may need to be followed by pinpointed elimination of chronic yeasts, virus, bacteria, parasites and heavy metals. Often a person needs to stop either the rancification, putrefaction or fermentation process happening in the digestive system.

In many cases, the preceding steps will remedy many non-gut symptoms in the body. A key factor in the return to an energetically healthy digestive system is avoiding foods that cause inflammation in the body due to sensitivities and/or allergies. Many of the root factors in gut disease are the result of food-induced inflammation. Any attempt to heal the gut without altering one’s diet will lead to diminished results. To efficiently bring optimal health back to one’s body, inflammation needs to be minimized by changing food choices.

We have the power to determine how our genes express themselves. The choice is ours to live a distressed and wellness-challenged existence, or to create a happier, healthier, energetically vibrant life. Let’s choose wisely.

Patrick Dougherty, DC, is a holistic chiropractor at Chiropractic Lifecenter, Inc., located at 2110 N. Washington St., Ste. 1, in Spokane. He offers a holistic approach to gut health and tests patient’s physical body and food sensitivities to create a plan of action. During the month of July, all gut health products are discounted 15 percent. For more information, call 509-327-4373 or visit

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