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Glass Houses: Nahko’s Fall from Grace

Jul 02, 2020 05:19PM ● By Amber Mc Kenzie

Opinion Piece

by Amber McKenzie

The facts are still coming in, but here is what we know at the time of this article regarding the recent actions taken against Nahko, lead singer of Medicine for the People:

  • Nahko has been accused of sexual misconduct with minor children (girls under the age of 18) from as far back as 2015 (and likely before).
  • He’s been accused of coercive behavior towards multiple women and girls, gaslighting, intimidation and non-consensual sexual activity.
  • Numerous survivors have reported trying to come forward in past years to share their experiences and stories of sexual abuse but were allegedly silenced by the threat of litigation and/or had their comments deleted by group moderators and/or were victim-shamed.  
  • Jay Lash (aka: Uncle Jo), has shared on social media that Nahko has been banned from performing at all Harmony Park events due to the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against him, and for the safety of women and children attending. Lash has also stepped down from his role as moderator given his inability to ban Nahko and/or listen to these serious allegations sooner.

  • There has allegedly been a police report filed in at least one case, which was apparently settled out of court.
  • Trevor Hall posted a statement on his Instagram stating:
dear villagers… it pains me to write you in this moment. i am deeply saddened by the allegations that have recently come out against Nahko. these past few days have been extremely hard hearing the stories regarding his behavior with women. they are deeply disturbing and troubling. any and all types of misconduct towards women is unacceptable. as artists or people in the public eye, we have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of conduct. i applaud & honor the women for their bravery in speaking out. i, like all of us, am eager for Nahko to address the situation as soon as possible. My love is with you all. – trev.

Response from Nahko so far: RADIO SILENCE.

I suppose this speaks volumes and is not surprising given the number of years his actions have seemingly been suppressed, hidden, covered up, ignored, forgiven, denied or justified by not only himself, but by the “spiritual” community surrounding him. Because you know, multiple women coming forward with eerily similar stories, as well as first-hand accounts of seeing him make-out and grope 15-to-17-year old girls out in the open is clearly not enough “evidence” to do anything with. Nope. 

I’m also guessing he’s been allowed to get away with not having to deal with the consequences of his actions for so long that perhaps he’s become immune to the possibility of it ever catching up to him? Spoiler alert, Nahko: Your time is up. #metoo doesn’t care how ‘woke’ or ‘conscious’ you pretend to be. 

And your village/tribe/fans/family/lawyers/public relations crew – everyone who’s supported and protected you in the past - they can’t help you now. Sure, they can defend you and continue victim shaming, and you can come out and do some song and dance about your mistakes, and read a statement about how sorry you are, and how you chose to feed the wolf that makes you weak, blah blah blah - but we all know this is not the TRUTH of what’s happening here. On the Soul level, the TRUTH is you literally have NO CHOICE but to look yourself in the eye and face the consequences of your own ego-centered thoughts, beliefs and actions. Spirit has caught up – she always does, and she is BURNING. IT. DOWN. As you yourself have written and sung about, this is exactly what TRUE spiritual awakening LOOKS LIKE. It looks like Truth in the face of LIES, it looks like Justice in the face of VICTIMIZATION, it looks like Integrity in the face of HYPOCRISY. The girls and women who are stepping forward are GODDESSES bringing forth the Divine light of Truth, Justice and Integrity in opposition to your lies, victimization and hypocrisy. Balance.

So along with the rest of humanity – 2020 is exposing your darkness and shadows and forcing them into the light for all to see. No more hiding, no more lying, no more denying. Spirit simply will not allow it. She is too powerful, and you and your humanness are too weak. It's time to face your own music and reckon with your own demons and choices. I bet you’re relieved the gig is up and that you are finally being exposed for the charlatan you are. And while many of your former fans like me (who have not been sexually assaulted, manipulated or discarded by you), only heard and felt your powerful light, it is your powerful darkness that we will all remember.

#cancelnahko #believewomen #mutenahko

UPDATED ARTICLE: The Inconvenience of Accountability

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