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Ozone in Dentistry

by Louise DeFelice

The 21st century dental practice is quite dynamic. New treatment protocols and new materials are being developed at a rapid pace. Ozone dental therapy falls into the category of new treatment protocols in dentistry, yet ozone is not new at all. Ozone therapy is already a major treatment modality in Europe, South America and a number of other countries. Ozone therapy was first incorporated into dentistry in the 1930s and since then has become a vital component of many biological dental practices.

Ozone (O3) is a type of molecule made of three oxygen atoms. Most people are familiar with the term ozone as it relates to our atmosphere. Ozone in the atmosphere protects the living things on earth from harmful ultraviolet rays by cleansing the air of pollutants.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that has a germicidal and cleansing effect on the human body. Ozone can kill infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoa and viruses. Using ozone therapy in dentistry is helpful as many infections that cause dental disease have been linked to other disorders including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, pancreatic cancer, pre-term birth and dementia.

How dental ozone works

In simple terms, ozone attaches itself to the wall of a diseased cell or virus. Because damaged cells and bugs do not have the antioxidant enzymes necessary to protect themselves from the ozone, the cell dies. Healthy cells, on the other hand, do have the necessary antioxidant enzymes to convert the ozone back to oxygen. In other words, ozone destroys bad cells while simultaneously being beneficial to healthy cells by super charging them with oxygen and preserving natural tooth structure and tissue. This makes ozone ideal for biological, conservative dental care.

The benefits of ozone are many and include:

·      Prevents and reverses cavities

·      Non-toxic alternative to fluoride

·      Cleanses and sanitizes dental infections

·      Promotes healing of diseases in the mouth

·      Acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory

·      Boosts oxygen metabolism and increases circulation

·      Shifts mouth to a neutral PH which neutralizes erosive toxins

·      Creates healthier biofilm

·      Dramatically improves gum disease

·      Eliminates post-operative sensitivity

·      Reduces or eliminates pain after dental work

·      Eliminates leaking bacteria under fillings and crowns

·      Reduces trauma during treatment

·      Cleans and disinfects root canals and tubules

·      Reduces risks of nerve exposure

·      Painless and economical

·      Bio-energetic

·      Is an ideal antibiotic alternative

·      Decreases pain and duration of cold sores and canker sores

·      Remineralizes teeth

·      Controls halitosis

·      Activates the immune system

·      Promotes enhanced wound healing

Dr. Louise DeFelice is the owner and dentist at DeFelice Dentistry located at 4703 N. Maple St., Spokane, WA. DeFelice Dentistry offers holistic dental care services, including ozone therapy, mercury filling removal, ceramic dental implants, nutritional supplements, restorative care, patient education and more. For more information, call or text 509-327-7719 or schedule an appointment online at
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