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The Lotus Spokane Fosters Collaboration, Community Spirit

by Sheila Julson

After closing during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, The Lotus Spokane is returning with a renewed commitment to their core values of collaboration, learning/unlearning and wellness—and a new location. Co-owners Erin Meuer and Sam Karorero have officially moved The Lotus Spokane into a beautifully renovated building in the East Central neighborhood and are opening up applications for healers to rent studios. Located on East 5th Avenue, the refreshing space features all-new interior construction, convenient amenities and even deeper healing.

Although The Lotus Spokane is still taking it slow on group classes and events due to the pandemic, they are renting out their holistic healing offices, which are available as full or shared rentals. There are already a handful of talented resident healers practicing in affordably-priced offices with soundproofed walls, new heating, air conditioning and more.

The Lotus Spokane provides the opportunity for partnership and community, while allowing practitioners to run their businesses on their own schedules in alignment with shared values. In addition to one-on-one appointments with resident healers, The Lotus Spokane plans to continue featuring providers from throughout the United States and abroad to lead classes and events, with special services available by appointment only.

Uplifting Humanity

The Lotus Spokane consists of like-minded practitioners that deeply believe collaboration, learning/unlearning, growth and wellness are essential components to healing individually and collectively. “The healers will be able to enjoy creative freedom, stability and opportunity to grow,” affirms Meuer. “It allows them to offer much more than anything they each could have done separately. We are excited to be part of a community-based neighborhood and want to make our offerings accessible for everyone; healers are encouraged to offer community pricing and/or donate to local charities.”

The new building has two side-by-side business spaces with a colorful mural painted on the front. The space next to The Lotus Spokane will be a community outreach studio for Impanda, a nonprofit formed to work with at-risk youth through creating music and art. Both Impanda and The Lotus Spokane believe in the power of sound and music as potent vessels for healing. 

Impanda staff hope to have concerts and different events centered on that mission—community art and efforts that raises the collective vibration through music and creation. The Impanda studio will open this fall with limited offerings. Impanda is looking for fiscal partners to support the outreach programs and logistical costs. The Lotus and Impanda go hand-in-hand in creating this healing space, and uphold the values of collaboration, learning/unlearning and wellness in action. 

The Lotus Spokane is located at 3026 E. Fifth Ave., Spokane. For more information on current offerings, to book an appointment with a practitioner or for a practitioner application, please visit To donate or become a fiscal partner for Impanda, go to

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