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The Power of Meditation

by Syena Harris

We’re all in this together. We’ve all heard this phrase many times of late. And for good cause—it contains vital truths which have the power for change.

There’s an energetic field woven throughout creation. Scientists call it “the unified field.” It’s a unity of infinite parts all working together. We each live, breath and have our being within this field.

Taking this truth and applying it to everyday acts—including thoughts—we see that what each part attends to influences the whole. It’s vibration changes accordingly, even if only slightly. Positive, uplifting actions and thoughts create higher vibrations; it’s that simple and that profound. We experience this principle when feeling uplifted by another’s smile or kind gesture. An inner shift happens, creating a change for both people involved. Parts were connected, and we feel lighter, happier.

This effect can be seen on a grander scale as well. Take for example, a group of monks who once lived in the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. The Ishaya Monks were members of the
Society for Ascension and held daily meditation practices focusing on the upward spiraling energies of praise, gratitude, love and compassion. They studied the effects on the surrounding community and found that all types of crimes had decreased substantially. Their combined intentional energies were profoundly transformative.

This is the power of meditation. It’s not necessary to feel praise, gratitude, love or even compassion to have an effect. All that’s needed is the intention of bringing Heaven down to Earth. When enough of us have this focused intention, change inevitably happens. It’s the hundredth monkey effect. When Light turns on change occurs, as darkness always disappears. We are each a transmitting station for that Light. We each have that power and are truly in this together.

Syena Harris lived, studied and meditated with the Ishaya Monks and became a teacher of the Ishaya Ascension Meditation. She has taught Ascension throughout the Western United States and now resides in Coeur d’Alene. You can contact her at

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