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New Book Features the Many Benefits of Low Dose Naltrexone

Linda Elsegood, founder of the LDN Research Trust and editor of The LDN Book, Volume 1, is excited to announce The LDN Book, Volume 2 launches on October 9. This comprehensive examination of low dose naltrexone (LDN) will be available at Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy in Spokane.

“A drug that is simultaneously affordable, devoid of severe side effects, and applicable to a wide range of diseases is one not often found in the modern pharmaceutical landscape,” shares Elsegood, founder of the LDN Research Trust. “But as medical professionals and researchers alike have discovered, LDN boasts this remarkable combination.”

According to Elsegood, this generic drug, prescribed off-label and administered in small daily doses, has proven useful in treating many different ailments including autoimmune diseases, lupus, thyroiditis, autism spectrum disorder, chronic fatigue, PTSD, chronic pain, Lyme disease, and more. 

 “The LDN Book, Volume 2 is both a resource for practitioners, pharmacists and patients, and a renewed call for further research on the healing potential of this little-known drug,” says Elsegood, who has used LDN since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) almost 20 years ago. 

In addition, an LDN Summit for the Pacific Northwest region will be held October 17 via Zoom, and another event for the Inland Northwest region will be announced soon.

Book cost: $27.99. Available at Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy, 508 W. 6th Ave., Ste. 225, Spokane. An ACHC accredited compounding pharmacy, Sixth Avenue Medical Pharmacy works closely with area medical providers and specializes in LDN patient support and education. To inquire about LDN, call 509-455-9345 or visit

For more information about the LDN Zoom Summit, visit

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