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Stress Management and Joint Health

by Patrick Dougherty

There is a link between stress management and joint health. That link is the nervous system. Every cell in the body is part of a complex electrical network. The nervous system dictates whether that network functions smoothly, or falters due to interference.

Interference comes in the form of physical, chemical and/or emotional stresses. But, not all stresses cause interference. We are wired to adjust and accommodate to stress. The nervous system is where those adjustments happen. The results appear in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  

The brain manages all of our stresses. That makes it ground zero for making a healthy response to stress, whether it is physical stress (like joint health), or emotional stress. Luckily for us the brain is adaptable. It can learn new tricks, regain lost functions, and re-establish pathways to utilize nutrients and overcome chemical stress.

We have choices when it comes to stress management, joint health, and every other challenge in our bodies. We can work backward by acknowledging a symptom, then seeking a way to suppress the symptom. Alternately, we can also go back to the beginning of the challenge—the brain—and work forward. Or, we can implement both approaches at once.

A holistic chiropractor is well-positioned to address health challenges from both a symptom relief basis, and the root of the problem. The root is the brain’s inability to meet and defeat a challenge. Chiropractic adjustments and additional techniques used in conjunction with light therapy can reset the brain’s reaction to outside stressors. A brain reset can change the conditions that made physical, chemical or emotional stress harmful to a person. Once the perception of the brain changes, new strategies can be formed to relieve and possibly eliminate symptoms.

It is most often more effective to start at the root, the brain, and add supplements rather than attempting to solve problems solely through supplements. This can be especially true with joint health. A supply of raw materials to a joint is undoubtedly a good strategy. The catch is that no matter how many nutrients are taken to restore function in a joint, a higher order of power still controls that joint. That higher order is the nervous system. When a condition in the nervous system prevents recognition of the cause of the joint problem, then the condition will try to reoccur until the nervous system can perceive a better alternative. Chiropractic can provide that alternative.

Just as holistic chiropractic care can deal with the root of physical body challenges—such as unhealthy joints—it can also address stress management. Once again, the root of the problem is the nervous system. The same techniques that can be used to address physical ailments apply to stress management. And, once again, supplements can be used to manage the symptoms. Thankfully, when emotional stress is managed, we are less likely to have physical symptoms.

The bottom line is there is a link between stress management and joint health. That link is the nervous system. Those seeking deeper change for health challenges should consider holistic chiropractic care.

Dr. Pat Dougherty is a holistic chiropractor located at 2110 N. Washington St., Spokane. He uses traditional and contemporary techniques to adjust the joints of the body, from head to toe and uses nervous system rehabilitation techniques to ingrain healthy changes in the brain and beyond. New patient special for cash patients, $85 for initial exam and treatment. Some insurances accepted. For more information, call 509-327-4373; business cell at 509-844-4206 or visit
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