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Listen: Your Heart Is Trying to Tell You Something

by Anna Strong

Many people don’t realize that age and health status offer no guarantees of an optimally functioning heart. There are professional athletes, young people and seemingly healthy and active adults who, unbeknownst to them and their doctors, have underlying nutritional deficiencies that if not caught early enough, can result in less than optimal heart function and issues later on.

Fortunately, there is a safe, noninvasive and detailed way to measure the performance of the heart and accurately identify where weakness resides. It’s called a Heart Sound Recorder (HSR), and by utilizing the information received from this revolutionary device, targeted supplementation and dietary shifts can dramatically improve cardiovascular wellness.

How does it work? The HSR device has a specialized microphone that gets placed over each of the four heart valves and digitally records and displays the heart sounds and movements while recording the data in a graph. This valuable information offers health practitioners the opportunity to show clients in real time what is happening within their heart, offer supplementation requirements to counter the deficiencies, and then show the effectiveness of treatment on their subsequent visits and HSR graphs. It truly is a revolutionary device offering proven results.  

Anna Strong, RN, CCH is a registered nurse, certified classical homeopath and owner of Hayden Holistic Health. She offers Heart Sound Recording (HSR) readings to help patients identify deficiencies and restore the heart to optimal wellness. Her office is located at 579 W. Hayden Ave., in Hayden, Idaho. For more information or to make an appointment, call 208-518-8411 or visit Mention Natural Awakenings for information about new client specials and package pricing.
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