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Thank you, Shane O’Neill

On Saturday, October 31 at approximately 8:30 p.m. under the full blue moon, a wonderful man, father, grandfather, husband, friend, son, brother, uncle, realtor, and all-around Spokane legend, Shane O’Neill, lifted off—back to Spirit, back to light, back to God.

Shane was my father-in-law and friend, and like many, I loved him dearly. He was a beautiful reminder of what it means to be fully human, experiencing life with an open heart and a genuine appreciation for all it has to offer—the highs and the lows. He was everywhere present for his family—especially his kids and grandkids. Never missing an opportunity to support the ones he loved—or to take them out for a Happy Meal afterwards—Shane attended everything from kindergarten graduations, talent shows and science fairs to Active4Youth track meets, Christmas plays and other performances. He was even an advertiser in this magazine—one of the many ways he showed his support for me.

Shane and his incredible wife, Patty Rose, took care of my girls during the final days of my mom’s life. I will never forget their compassion and help during that very painful time. I hope they felt the tremendous outpouring of love and adoration that so many of us sent their way during the final weeks and days of his life.

If I could say one thing to Shane right now, and I know his spirit is listening, it would be the biggest ever thank you. Thank you for showing me and your granddaughters what it means to live with an open and generous heart. Thank you for lighting up every time you saw your grandkids and for loving them all unconditionally. Thank you for making everyone you came into contact with feel special and cared for and like we mattered. And finally, thank you for providing us with memories that will last a lifetime. Your light, your joy, your love and your memory lives on within us now and always. You are our hearts’ greatest treasure.

With deep, soul-filled love,

Amber, Zeni and Solea

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